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Sport utility vehicles are not a new thing anymore to the world. The once considered classy and luxury cars are owned by a large percent of car enthusiasts. This is because SUVs are more flexible and perform incredibly well than other cars. The large cabin space and enough room to put in more luggage is very soothing. If you plan to hit the road for a long-distance road trip then an SUV will work best. This is because of the power output that its engine has which can push for very long distances without any issues. You can also come along with your large family if need be since most SUVs have sufficient spaces. Due to their style and design, off-roading is one thing you need to try out. You won’t be disappointed.

To have a well-performing SUV, you need to put in more effort towards maintenance and taking good care of your car. Good care and protection will ensure you have a smooth experience with your SUV and have a flawless and soothing ride all through. It might look easy but in a real sense, it ain’t. This is why we as A-Protect Warranty Corporation are here to sort you out and help you take good care of your SUV. Our extensive and affordable extended warranties are what you need. Your newly purchased SUV comes with a factory warranty which does not last long as you might wish. You cant have a smooth ride without an extended warranty unless you are ready to offer yourself up to meet all the expenses associated. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Pick one from us and get your SUV secured.

This article is a comparison between the Toyota RAV 4 versus the Nissan Rogue models to determine which can is better in terms of maintenance. Keep reading!


RAV 4.

Toyota as we all know is a giant firm that is driven by quality to produce all its models. Toyota RAV 4 is a crossover SUV that made its debut in the 90s. The model was very popular first in Japan and Europe and later in the Americas. Amongst the key factors which were implemented to produce it was high demand for enough cargo room, full time four wheel drive feature along with fuel economy. This model has evolved over that period up to now with new and exciting features added to it. RAV 4 needs that extra touch when it comes to 

maintenance since as we all know no even the high selling ones are perfect.

Toyota RAV 4 needs vigilance at all times since it is prone to damage more than the Nissan Rogue. Amongst the frequent issues reported in a RAV 4 are; Transmission failures, Steering problems, and leaking coolant. The transmission as we know is very expensive to maintain and replace in case it develops permanent damage. It is wise to make sure you check up on the transmission more often. Confirm whether the transmission fluid level is right.

The engine of a RAV 4 needs to be cooled at all times since it’s a powerful engine. Leaking engine coolant is one problem associated with most RAV 4 engines. This leads to the engine overheating which increases chances of complete da or accidents. Fires are also prone to occur. The engine coolant fluid needs to be checked frequently to avoid all that from happening.

An extended warranty will work best in such situations. Maintenance that is beyond your ability is usually under an extended warranty contract. Costly repairs as a result of damage to the expensive parts such as the engine and transmission are also taken care of.




Nissan is also another Japanese company that brings a lot of competition and influence to the table. One of its leading models in the Americas is the Nissan Rogue SUV. This model was unveiled to the public in October 2007. Over the years, Nissan Rogue has continued to improve in terms of features and performance with the latest model being the 2021 Nissan Rogue. This model boasts a 2.5-liter cylinder engine under the CVT transmission control. Four-wheel drive is something you can’t miss in such type of an SUV. Performance is something out of the ordinary. However, maintenance of your car matters despite your car being that classy or low end.

Nissan Rogue is not immune to damage, just like any other cars out here it often runs into problems. 

One of the common breakdowns as a result of poor maintenance is usually a failing transmission system. This part needs extra touch and care so that it can last long without any issues arising. Nissan was forced to increase its drivetrain warranty to 10 years due to constant complaints from customers. Another important part that needs maximum care is the suspension. The suspension of a Nissan Rogue produces noise which can be a nuisance to some.



Both the two SUVs are giants and performing incredibly amazing. Care and maintenance should be the number one priority immediately after purchasing. This will keep your car in good form and shape and also help you keep your car for long. Toyota RAV 4 is one hell of a kind in terms of performance but maintenance is a bit higher than the Rogue. This calls for high maintenance standards for the RAV 4 but all in all both machines care and maintenance. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here for you. An extended warranty from us will be of aid. Our phone number is +1866-600-6444. You can also reach us by email at info@aprotectwarranty.com for a free quote.

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