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German is home to class and luxury as we all know. The country boasts giant automobile companies which since time back have made cars that are very reputable and sell globally. I don’t think there is nowhere on earth you will ever miss a German car on road. The style and quality involved in producing these cars is something out of the ordinary. Class and luxury too can’t be left out. If you dream of owning one then be ready to dig deep down your wallet. We have a wide array of giant companies starting with; Mercedes Benz, AUDI, Volkswagen, and BMW.

 This article will only base on the two, ( BMW versus Mercedes Benz) and battle out to find out which amongst them is easy to maintain. Just but a reminder, these two brands are not perfect and immune to damage or breakdown. This means that in case you opt to use them without an extended warranty, you incur a lot of expenses associated with the repair. When new, both the Mercedes Benz and the BMW will come with the manufacturer’s warranty. This however does not last long, only a short period of up to 3 years to a maximum of 5 years. It such a very short period especially if you want to keep your car for long. There is a need to get an extended warranty for the car. Because these two brands are classy, it means that any slight repair issues can be very expensive to manage. Imagine that precious machine you cherished before being towered away to a rusty junkyard. You need us by your side. Check us out at A-Protect Warranty Corporation.


Mercedes E series.


Mass production of the Mercedes Benz E class models began back in 1953. Currently, Mercedes Benz began production of the fifth generation in 2016 where the company introduced a modern and advanced design with a sporty exterior design. Most E series starts with a basic engine power of 150hp and above. The least engine configuration of the E series is 2000cc. Mercedes Benz as we all know is a porch and classy kind of car which needs a very high level of care and maintenance. This will ensure your car operates well and serve its purpose in the right manner. You will also have peace of mind since you won’t be hit by major costly repairs over time. The E series models just like any other require someone who looks after them and prioritizes basic needs and requirements.

The engine of a Mercedes Benz is one critical part of your car since it is usually the main driver towards performance. Never run your Mercedes Benz car for over 5,000 miles without having an oil change, Regular soil change will ensure the life of your engine and also stabilize its performance. Also, check on other parts that are attached to the engine such as the ignition rotor button and the spark plugs. When it comes to costs, the cost for an oil change is mainly the oil itself. Most Mercedes E series use synthetic oil which costs $8 to 12$ per liter. Some repairs are very vital and are related to key damaged parts such as the Water pump or coolant leaks. There are tons of maintenance tips such as frequent tire checks and replacement when worn out. These and many more could be costly in terms of repair.

This is when an extended warranty comes in especially during major repairs. Such a type of warranty could be a lifesaver. Check us out and get an extended warranty for your Mercedes Benz E series.




The BMW 5 series isn’t new to the game too. The veteran series has been in the game since 1972 and has continued to outshine the rest with its luxurious feel and touch in both the interior and exterior. This comes along with the sportiness and comfort all offered all through since the beginning. Current models have however been redesigned and have a new and refined look.

We always want to keep our new rides new at all times. A BMW 5 series model is just not only a car but rather a treasure. You need to give maximum care and protection. You need to make it a routine which for mots newbies won’t be that easy. All parts from the engine to the wheel need to be checked and serviced frequently. Starting with the brakes, The BMW 5 series model brakes need to be checked regularly. Brakes are very vital to the health of the driver and the car itself. The brakes of these models have a hygroscopic brake fluid which means that it absorbs water. The water which may include toxic waste can interfere with the brake fluid causing serious failures.

The cooling system a very crucial part of the BMW 5 series. Its roles are to cool down the engine and provide an optimum working temperature. A failure in the cooling system will cause overheating which then damages the engine.




Neither maintaining a Mercedes Benz S series nor a BMW 5 series is easy. All these require dedication and determination. Because both the two brands are classy, maintaining them needs proper financial ability. This is because the expenses associated with repairs together with the spare parts are usually expensive. The only option is to avoid all that is maintaining a very high standard in terms of maintenance. Regular check-up and service is the only keep. Keep an eye on the spare parts to avoid counterfeit parts which don’t last or perform same as the original ones

A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to help you out. Now you need to worry less when it comes to maintaining your car. We are an A+ accredited company with the fastest and paper free way of acquiring an extended warranty. We got your back. For more information, call us on +1-866-660-6444 or writes to us at

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