Maintenance Getting Too Expensive for Your Used Car? 6 Tips On What You Need to Do

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  1. You Don’t Have to Buy the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Vehicle Parts

Have you been using OEM parts for your used car? Do you know that you can choose an aftermarket part instead? 

An aftermarket part is any car replacement part that is not manufactured by the vehicle’s maker. OEM parts are mostly recommended but because they tend to be more expensive than aftermarket parts, you’ll notice that more people are buying the latter. Some aftermarket parts have the same quality or are even better than the OEM.

Depending on which brand of aftermarket part you’re going to choose, that’s how much you’re going to save. 

  1. Get The Most Out of Your Regular Maintenance Visit

Before your scheduled maintenance trip, it’s a good habit to list down all of the necessary parts that you need to be inspected. You can save a lot on labor cost, effort, and time if you’ll be able to have 2 or more parts be examined at the same time.

  1. If You Can Do It On Your Own, Do It!

Another car maintenance-saving tip is to train yourself how to do a proper inspection and perform the maintenance yourself. You don’t have to have a degree on 

  1. Check your tires at least once a month.
  2. Drain your fluids regularly and replace them with high-quality fluids.
  3. Replace your engine and cabin filters.
  4. Change your wiper blades at least twice a year.
  5. Make sure your tires have the recommended pressure in them.
  6. Clean your car regularly, making sure it’s spic-and-span is a part of car maintenance.
  7. Check all your lights. You don’t want to be under a sudden downpour and not have good visibility because of dull lights.
  8. Don’t forget to check the health of your battery.
  9. Ease Up On Installing Sophisticated Technology

Sometimes you’re better off with the simplest technology installed in your car. The trouble with sophisticated technology is that it’s expensive to install, maintain, and even more pricy to repair. Cars with sophisticated technology are very complex, so when it breaks down or needs to be repaired, it will require more labor work from the mechanic and a bonanza of replacement parts. More labor and parts mean costly repair. 

  1. Try Changing Your Expensive Mechanic

Before you decide on sticking to one mechanic, try to do a bit of research. Most mechanics are reliable, hardworking, and only want what’s best for you and your car. But some are just in it for the money. For you to avoid getting ripped off, educate yourself about the basics of owning a car and knowing how to detect common car issues. 

In case of a repair getting too expensive for you, don’t hesitate to negotiate. 

  1. Don’t Forget Your Warranty! It’ll Help You from Spending a Lot More

Some people tend to forget about the benefits of the extended car warranty they have. An extended car warranty’s job is to offset the cost of repairs or parts replacement. Have your trusted mechanic check up on parts that need to be replaced that is covered by the warranty 

Most extended car warranty providers won’t cover wear and tear but there are a few that will. 


Save Yourself from Paying Expensive Repairs with an Extended Car Warranty for Used Cars

With an extended car warranty, you’re sure to get your money’s worth in case of a sudden breakdown or car repair. For a personalized extended car warranty, contact A-Protect Warranty’s representative and they’ll walk you through the different types of coverage package plans. Contact A-Protect Warranty and get your free quote today! 


Key Take-Away

Buying a car, may it be new or used, is a big investment. For your investment to last longer, you have to follow certain maintenance rules and schedules. Expect frequent trips to your trusted mechanic for your used car compared to a new one. And since you’ll need your car serviced more often, you’re going to pay more for it. Follow the six tips above to help you minimize maintenance costs the next time you go and get your used car inspected. 

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