Does My Used Volvo Car Need Extended Warranty

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Did you buy a new Volvo car or a used one? If you purchased a new one, then the manufacturer gave you the factory warranty. How about if the manufacturer’s warranty expires? You will need an extended car warranty. Besides, if you get a chance to acquire an already used Volvo car, will you need an extended car warranty? Read below to see more.

What You Should Know About Volvo Company

Volvo Company is based in Sweden, and it began by specializing in heavy machinery. However, years went on, and it began the innovation of cars.

Back in the day, Swedish roads were quite dangerous for cars to drive on. Volvo specialized in durable and strong cars, SUVs and trucks to enable the vehicles to handle the danger on the roads.

Year after year to date, Volvo has built cars that ensure drivers safety and reliability. The company deserves such praise; however, their exceptional vehicles reach a point where they break down.

All owners of Volvo vehicles will not fail to pay huge sums of money when their car needs repair. Even though the company leads in luxury cars in Europe, no owner deserves to pay such amounts to pay for repairs.

During the first four years of your drive, Volvo Company will:

  • Cater for payment that occurs due to faulty construction or component flaws.
  • Cater for the payment of paint or any issues related to factory flaw.

These payments are only for new vehicles bought for the first time. So if you buy a used Volvo car, the company will not pay for anything. You will have to incur costs from your pocket.

Why You Should Acquire an Extended Car Warranty for a Used Volvo

As we have stated above, manufacturer’s warranty is not so dependable after four years of using your car hence you will need this warranty for these reasons:

For Your Peace of Mind

Imagine a car owner without an extended car warranty. Will he not be worried at all times about his car being damaged? Of course, he will be troubled because he does not know when his car will break down. What if he does not have all the money needed to repair it? 

You Will Avoid Emergency Spending

Anytime we have money, we always budget for it. No one wishes to spend on what they had not planned. Hence, an extended car warranty will save you a great deal since you will have all your monies intact.

It Is Expensive To Repair Volvo Vehicles

Volvo is a well-known company for its durable, strong and reliable vehicles. Since they are still striving to come with the best innovations and systems, the prices for spare parts will continue inflating as time goes by.

So far, if you wish to replace a head gasket of Volvo S90, you will incur up to 1305 dollars. To replace the water pump, you may spend up to 304 dollars. For an alternator and starter, you will need up to around 750 dollars to replace. Can you afford all these monies? It would be best if you indeed had an extended car warranty for your Volvo.

Transferable warranty

Volvo does not allow their customers to transfer the factory’s warranty. What if you want to sell your car? A seller with a transferable warranty is in a better position compared to you. Buying an extended car warranty allows you to transfer both the car and the warranty.


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