Most people always question the worthiness of an extended warranty. Others boast of their capability to take of their own cars without anyone’s intervention. Okay it is fine but what if an impromptu event calamity occurs which needs a lot of cash to fix. What will you do? The only option remaining is to get an extended warranty. It serves as security for your car whereby in case your car runs into a problem, you don’t need to pay for the expenses by yourself.

A new car or perhaps a used one comes with the original manufacturer’s warranty. The bad thing about this kind of warranty is that is does not last for long. Most factory warranty only take up to 3 years. What next after that? This is where you need to get an extended warranty. Don’t waste any time and head straight to us at. We offer one the best coverage plan in the market. Out contract begins immediately after the final signings. This means that even if your car still has the manufacturer’s warranty, an extended one will start being effective right away. Do not wait till it’s too late. A-Protect warranty corporation is here for you. Check us out.

Parts included in an extended warranty for a used or a new car.

You can get an extended warranty for your car be it used or new. The mileage and model too are not a factor to worry about when purchasing a plan. Extended warranties vary according to the type of plan you choose for your car. For a new car, the guarantee of it coming with an extended warranty is 100% whereas for a used car it isn’t. Make sure before purchasing a used car to check with the dealership or the previous owner whether the car has a warranty. 

An extended warranty has a wide array of plans which you can choose from according to your financial ability and the pfvr6t
parts you need covered. These plans include;

  1. Bumper to bumper- It a most comprehensive from of extended warranty that is responsible for covering all parts which are in between the rear bumper and the front bumper.  Parts which are included in this form of extended warranty are; all the powertrain parts, electronic components, High tech systems and audio systems. It most expensive since it coverage is more extensive. The information on the contract only displays the parts that are no covered. Parts which are not covered are; Normal wear and tear items such as brake pads and shock absorbers, Tire and wheels, Body panels, Interior trims and windshield glass.

 Bumper to bumper comes free with a newly purchase vehicle with the factory warranty. However, it doesn’t last long. Its pricing is about $500-$1,500 annually. You can purchase this form of extended warranty if your factory’s warranty expires. It last from a period of up to 5 years/60,000 miles.

  1. Powertrain coverage-A powertrain cover parts which are involved in the process of powering the wheels. These are; the engine, transmission and the driveshaft. These amongst the basic parts which are very vital in making sure the car moves.  In case you re purchasing a used car make sure you get it a powertrain warranty. This will ensure that the functionality is well and puts the car in great form and shape. This is because most used cars are usually exposed to damages over time and get sold due to frequent break downs.  Parts which are not included in a powertrain warranty are; Audio systems, Air conditioning, Adds-on free and normal wear and tear parts. Powertrain has a life span of up to 5 years/60,000. 
  2. Drivetrain warranty- Only covers for minor parts which are involved in transferring power from the engine to the wheels.

Customers are usually given a platform from which they choose the type of plan that fits their needs. The fact that your car is new, used or has a huge mileage don’t affect whether you will get an extended warranty or not. An extended warranty is necessary to safeguard you against expenses which arise due to unexpected calamities. As we know they ring no bells, you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no help due to a break down. An extended car warranty has a variety benefits which customers enjoy. They include;

  • 24/7 road side assistance- In case of a breakdown while on a journey, extended warranty providers have road side assistance where your car can be towered to a nearby service center or repair there.
  • Annual free wheel spinning and oil exchange- This is usually offered to customers once in a year and is one way of maintaining your car.

The above benefit and many more included in an extended warranty will be of great help to you. The stress about the expenses associated with repairs and service will be long gone. The serenity and peace of mind created as a result will act like a therapy to your brain. Those who live under a fixed budget have a reason to smile. In fact an extended warranty boosts up the spirit of saving.


We all have to agree that we don’t like to spend any how unless it’s something basic or we have more than enough to of secondary needs. However, to those who own assets have to incur expenses which due to damages and break down. This also applies to car, the moments you are out of that dealership with a brand new whip be rest assured that you are inviting expenses. They arise due to frequent breakdowns and failures. This is when an extended warranty kicks in. To secure your car and the same time secure your wallet from constant financial draining. That is what we as A-Protect Warranty Corporation. With minimal paperwork, we offer great deals to our customers with maximum coverage. Hurry and get an extended warranty for your car from us. We are just a phone call away. +1-866-660-6444 is our toll free number. You can head direct to our offices located at 7250 Keele Street, Suite 421, Concord, Ontario, L4K 1Z8.

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