A car is one kind of asset which needs care and protection for smooth usage and experience over a certain period. This is because a car is similar to other forms of machines which do depreciate in terms of performance. The rate at which depreciation occurs could be lowered down by taking good care and protecting your car. This will put your machine in good form and shape and enable you to carry out your routine activities with ease and stress-free. It might look basic and easy to do all that but it calls for dedication and commitment. Failure to do so turns your once precious toy into a 

problematic car. The constant and frequent breakdowns can be too much to extent of complete installment. You don’t want to find yourself nor the car too in such a situation.

This article will show you step by step on basic ways which need to be applied to put your car in good form and shape. Just a reminder,’’ Proper maintenance of your car is key to top-notch condition.

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Inspect and check on your tires.


A car’s tires are one element in a car that plays a very critical role which is to enable your car to move around. There no way you can move around on rims unless you are using a tank or something. Anyways, a car’s tires are very vital in the essence that even a slight problem such as a flat tire can be a huge hassle. It is very wise to inspect and check on your tire all time before hitting the road. You also need to do a thorough inspection at least thrice a month on; tire recall and tread separation.

Regularly check on your tire’s pressure. As we know the higher the pressure, the greater the carrying load. Well, an inflated tire will also keep your car in a stable state and improve the handling too. Tires leak pressure over time. Make sure your tires are well filled up to the recommended pressure so that in case of a leak at least a good amount of pressure is still left inside.

Inspect your tires to check on the tread and also the presence of any foreign material such as rocks or any sharp object. Tread check-up will make avoid being caught up by the law for riding on worn-out wheels and also enable you to maneuver properly in slippery surfaces. A wheel spin is very necessary after driving over 10,000 miles. Here at A-Protect Warranty Corporation, your wheels are our priority.


Change the oil.


Never surpass the recommended miles of over 7,000 miles of driving without changing the oil of your car. However, there are new synthetic oils that can go over 15,000 miles. This doesn’t mean that you won’t need to change the oil. Oil is very important to a normal functioning engine since it promotes smooth running and functionality of the internal parts of the engine. Engine oil provides lubrication to the internal moving parts and also acts as a coolant due to the high temperatures inside the engine. Failure to change your engine oil leads to serious problems ranging from complete engine failures or a reduced fuel economy. Make sure you change the oil using the appropriate oil and following the right procedure. You can opt to do it by yourself or through a service center. One benefit of getting an extended warranty comes with a free oil change annually to the customers. This is one way of which an extended warranty plays in keeping your car in good form and shape.


Keep an eye on the fluids.


A car, just like our bodies has fluid that always runs inside the components and performs various tasks. These fluids need to be checked upon to ensure they are on the right amounts and level. They include;

Engine oil, Coolants, Brake fluid, transmission fluid, and Power steering fluid. A leak or an overused fluid could affect the way your car performs. A good example is the Transmission fluid. In case the fluid is leaking or needs a change, how your car picks up gears and speed will be different. This calls for immediate response or else you may have a destroyed transmission. The expenses associated with such kinds of parts only because of fluid are very enormous. Avoid all that by getting an extended warranty from us here at A-Protect Warranty Corporation.




The only keep to opens doors to a flawless and perfect experience with your car is proper maintenance and care. The above basic ways are just the tip of the iceberg. Applying them to your car will result in an amazing experience. Remember, if you are unsure of how to go about them you need not worry, Visit us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation for more guidance and help. We offer the best-extended warranties for your car which will help you put it in good form and shape. Just a phone call away hit the dial +1-866-660-6444 (toll-free) or write to us at

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