Common extended vehicle warranty misconceptions


Whether your once brand new car is now getting on in years or you have decided to purchase a used vehicle, there is one thing that’s certain no matter what – your car will require maintenance from time to time. As your vehicle gets on in years, and mileage, it also tends to needs more and more attention. Some parts are replaced while others might be able to be fixed, depending on the part and the extent of the damage. When you think about all of these costs over the next few years, it’s enough to make you see why extended warranties are such valuable investments. That said, as with all things in life, there are a lot of misconceptions out there that cause vehicle owners to doubt their warranty choices.


Why get a warranty when I’m covered by the manufacturer?

This is true to a certain degree. When you buy a new vehicle, you can enjoy great coverage. However, you need to keep a close eye on that policy to make sure that it does not expire without your knowledge! The expiration is usually determined by the number of years or once the mileage limit is reached – whichever one comes first. When you feel that milestone approaching, it’s time to start shopping around for an extended warranty. For maximum peace of mind, make sure that your extended warranty begins as soon as your manufacturer warranty ends.


Isn’t it better to get a warranty from the dealer?

It might seem convenient to sign up for an extended warranty at your local dealer, but this often means that you will end up paying more at the end of the day. Another thing to beware of is any dealer who is not willing to offer you a detailed description of the terms and coverage before you sign on the dotted line. The best thing to do is shop around. Take some time to do a bit of browsing online for the best prices and value for money.


The dealer told me that I needed coverage now!

There is such a thing as “upselling”, and it occurs in many industries. It’s like when you go to a boutique clothing store where the shop assistants get paid on a commission basis. They will do anything in their power to encourage you to buy a particular shirt to go with your new jeans! This is when half-truths are often expressed as fact, and vehicle buyers feel the need for peace of mind before they even consider starting up their car. Yes, you do need coverage, and it’s excellent to have coverage before you drive away, but this does not mean that you need to add the warranty to the bill at your dealership. You can opt for a better deal elsewhere instead.


The key is to always know and understand what is required of you by law and what is not. If your local dealership salesperson seems to be putting extra pressure on you for whatever reason, you might consider this to be a red flag. For professional and personal used vehicle warranty contact A-assistance, call A-Protect Warranty today at 1(866) 660-6444 or (416) 661-7444.

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