What to do when your current vehicle warranty is about to expire

Warranty about to expire

Vehicle owners know just how important it is to be mobile at all times. If you have ever had maintenance or repairs performed on your vehicle, then you know just how expensive it can get. In addition, if you don’t have the money to repair your car, you could be without wheels until you save up to pay your bill! Why risk the cost and inconvenience when you could choose an extended auto warranty instead? Preparing for your warranty purchase need not be a time-consuming inconvenience. Here are some steps that you should follow when approaching the conclusion of your existing coverage.


Current policy expiration

First things first, take a look at the terms of your current policy and determine the exact or approximate date when it should expire. This will help you when shopping for your next policy since you will know more or less how much time you have to shop around.


Maintenance check

If you are buying a used vehicle, it’s always good to take your time and inspect the car inside and out. Take a look through the service and maintenance record to find out exactly what kind of repairs and other work has been performed. Look for things like regular oil changes and replacement of filters. Take note of any significant problems that could cause concern later on. In addition, find out whether or not the vehicle has been involved in any accidents. If you already own the vehicle, and you want to purchase an additional warranty, you should still check the history. Make sure that all the recommended repairs and maintenance have been performed and that anything that was ever on the “back burner” has been dealt with.


Current warranty terms

Take a long look at your current warranty and find out what is included and what you are not getting. This, along with the price, will give you an idea of a limit to your budget. In other words, you should look for a similar or better deal. Remember that the cheapest policy might sound great but by paying marginally more, you could enjoy even more great benefits. In short, it’s all about getting the most bang for your buck.


Get several prices

Shopping around should come as second nature to most consumers these days. Even more so when you consider something that will affect your monthly budget. It’s not just about shopping around at different providers. It’s also about asking each provider about various packages. While the top of the range product might not suit your pocket, the mid-range one just might. All the more reason to ask about different packages! When requesting a quote, make sure that you provide all the necessary details in order to ensure that the quote you receive is accurate.


Secure your warranty

Finally, before your current coverage ends, you need to make sure that all the pieces are in place to ensure you are protected by the appropriate warranty. Sign all the relevant papers, supply the provider with any necessary documents and make sure that your first payment goes through successfully.

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