Under What Circumstances Will I Be Denied An Extended Car Warranty?

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Peace of mind is one way of being sure you are safe. This is the desire of every driver or car owner.Your company denying you an extended car warranty is something you cannot think about.Why should they deny you what you know is your right? Below are some reasons and ways you can avoid these frustrations.

  1. Suspicious abuse or misuse

If you read through your warranty, you will see a clause indicating ‘only repairs resulting from normal.’Hence, if your vehicle has anything beyond normal operation, it could lead to claim denial.

Improper fluids, racing, overloading, or off-roading are some of the things a company will consider inappropriate.However, every warranty provider has its categories. Depending on how they look at it, they can deny you the claim.

  1. Signs of Damage

Some damages are caused by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and fire. Not all dealers will cover these kinds of damages, hence denied a claim depending on their policies.

  1. Altered Odometer

When you buy a used car, ensure you do a history check. Some vehicles have inconsistencies in their mileage, and if you fail to check, it may land you in trouble.Most companies offer warranties with mileage limits. You may be denied the claim if the mechanic suspects that your vehicle’s odometer is altered.

  1. Unnecessary Repairs

Have you ever faced a situation whereby a mechanic convinces you to repair what you know is unnecessary? Sorry to women who go through this more often.

Some shops may convince you to replace some parts that they think may spoil in the future. If you get convinced to do this, be prepared to pay out of your pocket. Your warranty company will not pay for those future damages; hence you will be denied a claim.

  1. Lack of Repair Authorization

You may need to repair your precious vehicle and you will rash to the nearest shop. Before the shop commences any work on your vehicle, it must submit a legal authorization estimate to your warranty provider.If the mechanic finishes the repair before he gets the warranty company approval, you will have to settle the bill from your pocket.

  1. Mechanics overcharges

Mechanics always know that the warranty provider will pay for any repair. Therefore, they end up overcharging some parts.

Most warranty dealers know some estimated amount of most vehicle parts. Hence, the mechanic must receive authorization first before touching your vehicle.In the case of an overcharge, you will have to pay the extra amount.

How Can You Avoid Being Denied Extended Car Warranty Claim?

  1. Go through All the Maintenance Your Vehicle Needs

Most car drivers think that there is no problem when they skip some maintenance. If you are of that kind, kindly remember that even a single skip can defile your claim’s status.What if you fail to change the oil, then your engine wears out or fails to work. Your dealer will take this as negligence, and you may be denied a claim.

Following your scheduled maintenance will keep your car efficient all through and ensure that your dealer accepts all covered repairs.

  1. Record Everything

Whether you own an extended car warranty or not, it is still very important to keep well records of all maintenance, engine oil changes, and any vehicle repairs.These records will give both the technicians and the inspectors an easy time accessing your vehicle’s condition.

Ensure your keep all valid documentation to avoid unnecessary denial of an extended car warranty claim.

  1.     Do Not Modify The Vehicle.

Any car owner would wish to modify his car to make it look newer, nicer, or even personal. Or who does not love that?Your warranty company might allow you to modify the outer or interior part of the vehicle.

It would be best to avoid any modification that will change the way your car runs. Which warranty provider will not detect that that change is what made other components fail?


No car owner deserves to be denied an extended car warranty since they pay hugely for it. Applying for an extended car warranty from A-protect is the best thing you can ever imagine.

We have the best services, and you can never turn your face back after you try these excellent services.Buy an extended car warranty from A-Protect Warranty Corporation to get hassle free claims and keep your car in good shape always.

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