Cars will never be immune to damage and breakdown. Cars are assets that in nature depreciate over a given period. A car purchased in 2021 will not be in the same condition and shape that it is in for the next five years or so. This is due to the frequent wear and tear and also the aging of some parts of the car. After a given time while using your car, a point reaches where it starts developing problems. In most cases, a problematic car is usually a result of improper care and maintenance. However, sometimes it can be due to the nature of the car, the material used in manufacturing. A problematic car needs to be repaired to restore it to normal condition. Failure to repair your car could lead to your once precious machine rotting off in a rusty and nasty junkyard.

Car repairs at times get too expensive. Too expensive to an extent where you can’t meet or bear that sum of money. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is the remedy to that problem. Sometimes you just get unexpected expenses out of nowhere. Don’t worry anymore, we offer extended warranties which comes in and cover you against those unexpected expenses.

Well, this article will establish out reasons that lead to people paying a lot for expensive repairs.


1.Model and nature of the care.


Paying a lot for expensive car repairs comes in as a result of nature and the make of the car. There are a variety of car models out there. We have the rich and classy cars and the moderate Class type of cars. Repair expenses will vary by a huge margin between these two types of cars. The luxurious and sporty cars will cost a lot higher repairing than the normal cars. These classy cars are made up of hard-to-find parts which damaged are very expensive to purchase. A good example is the repair and replacement of the engine gasket of a BMW compared to that of a Mazda. Getting that fixed for a BMW will cost you over $8,000 whereas for a Mazda it will go for less than $5,000. That difference in repair expenses is very wide. This is one reason why people spend a lot on car repairs.


2.Damaged parts.


This is the obvious reason for paying a lot for expensive repairs. A car has a lot of different parts all of which play a collective responsibility in making sure the car is working properly. All these parts starting with the basic headlights to the more complex engine and transmission are prone to mechanical damage and breakdown. The big deal now comes in with the cost of repairing each of these different parts. The repair of the engine and the cylinder will cost you up to $10,000. This might even exceed the actual value of the car. Imagine for that $10,000 you get a decent car rather than spending that much on repairs. You cannot compare repairing the engine or the transmission to fixing a car’s air conditioning compressor which only costs $500. The repairs cost vary due to the value of the parts damaged. Repairs to more complex parts mean you’ll spend a lot compared to basic parts.


3.Lack of warranty or insurance plan.


This can be testified by individuals who opt to drive without either a warranty or insurance. Driving without insurance is illegal here in Canada, lacking one is something you should never think of since it is punishable by law. A very essential warranty work should also be a priority. It works by covering for repair and replacement expenses born from mechanical damages. Driving a car without a warranty is one way of attracting and paying a lot for expensive repairs. Having a car with a warranty, will help you when you are met by such large expenses. However, for an individual without it means that he/she is responsible for all that burden. 

Extended warranties are the common forms of warranted taken to cover cars. You need to get one and protect your financial state from being ruined by expensive car repairs.




Paying a lot for expensive repairs is usually not someone’s fault. Cars are prone to mechanical difficulties and failures. The make of the car and the specific parts damaged determine how much you pay for the repair expense. Let’s not forget about a warranty. When new, your car comes with the carmaker’s warranty. This is not meant to last for long. You either have to renew or get an extended one. This is where we as A-Protect Warranty Corporation come in. We offer out-of-the-ordinary extended warranties which are very inclusive. With one, you will never pay a lot for the expensive repairs. Give us a call at +1-866-660-6444 or 416-661-7444. Our team is here ready for you!

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