Parking your car is something that is taken lightly by many car users. The assumption that cars get parked at any place has taken over people’s minds hence doing away with parking cars in garages. The once precious areas for parking cars have now turned into storage sites for junk and housework. Cars get parked at any other place mostly by the roadside or anywhere else in the compound. This is one mistake that is very regrettable since you expose your machine to a lot of danger. Damage and theft are amongst the common risks you expose your car to when you opt to park in an open place.

You need an extended warranty for your car whether you park your car in a garage or not. An extended warranty is very important to securing your investment from frequent expenses that arise as a result of damages. Most of these damages do occur as a result of not parking your asset in a garage. Extended warranties play a very crucial role in making sure you are financially fit. You don’t incur expenses that could be a burden to you. Do not hesitate and directly get in contact with our amazing team for a free quote. Keeping reading!

1.Garage parking secures your car.

Security is usually the number one priority for your assets at all times. You cannot imagine the pain that comes along with losing your once precious machine to some potential car thieves. It is wise to park your car in a garage to avoid losing your car. Modern garages have enhanced security systems that are eye-catching and do guarantee maximum protection for your car. You can choose to customize your garage and have it equipped with camera systems or automatic alarms that will alert you in case of an emergency. Parking your car outside will also make your car vulnerable to vandalism whereby some crooks pull valuable parts off the car. Side mirrors, rims, tire, and even headlight are most of the parts which find themselves in the black market. The expenses associated with purchasing new parts to replace the stolen ones or rather getting a new car are very high. Make sure you pack your car in a garage or rather a place that is secure and closed. Failure to do so calls for headaches and stress. Don’t be a victim.

2.Boosts car’s performance and maintenance.

No car is made to be immune to frequent wear and tear which is very common and arguably the common reason for the aging of the car. Parking in a garage will save you a lot in terms of maintenance whereby your car gets susceptible to fewer problems than parking in an open space. Parked in a closed environment demands fewer maintenance practices and performs incredibly well than the one parked in an open environment. Below are parts that are prone to more damage when your car is parked in an open space is very dangerous to the life of your tires as it compromises its performance and also the duration of its use. Extreme weather conditions Tires- Parking your car in an let’s say harsh UV rays from the sun cause devastating problems on the tires. The UV light degrades the rubber and diminishes its property hence tires start to crack and dry rot.

  • Battery- This is another important part of a car since it is the one responsible for igniting the engine. Harsh weather conditions both in winter and summer a threat to the battery’s life. During hot days, the battery’s liquid evaporates at a high rate than normal therefore calling for a frequent refill which can be a bit frustrating. In cold seasons, the battery’s cells get exposed to freezing temperatures which reduce their lifespan.


3.Reduces the rate of cosmetic damage.


You can always judge out a well-maintained car from the rest. Just by the appearance. A car that is always under the garage also outshines the rest in terms of beauty, feel and touch. Because cars parked in open places get exposed to elements which in contact with your car cause problems.


  • Paint- Paint is what gives your car recognition and the shiny sleek look. Not only does it make your car look appealing and ‘’sexy’’ it also protects the body of the car. Exposure to UV light for an extended period will make the car’s paint oxidize hence fading and peeling off. Rain also another factor that affects the paint of your car due to its acidity. The strong and heavy elements in rain will damage your car’s paint too.
  • Interior- This might seem excluded from parts that can damage due to parking outside the garage but in reality, it is prone to damage. When you expose your car to direct sunlight, the internal parts such as the steering wheel, dashboard, and seats get worn out, cracked, and even fade over time. The interior of a car is one place that needs an appealing look. Can only be achieved by parking in a garage.
  1. Improves curb appeal

This is usually the attractiveness or the good appearance of a property viewed from the sidewalk by a prospective buyer. Many car owners improvise their houses and make the curb appeal more attractive.

5.Keeps the coolants and other liquids warmer.

A car has a variety of liquids that are used for various purposes such as lubrication. These liquids need to be under a temperature that is required so as they can function normally. A garage plays a good role in ensuring these liquids are in good conditions which is warm.


Parking in a garage is important for your car and comes with benefits you do not want to miss. Parking your car in a garage should not be an option if you think of keeping your car for a long time and in good condition. The benefits associated with parking a car inside a garage are very soothing and something you really must try out. A car that is parked outside in an open space has a high probability of damage and vandalism than the one inside a garage. No one is ready to meet frequent costs and expenses as a result of repairs. This is why we as A-Protect Warranty Corporation are here to sort things out. We are just a phone call away, +1-866-660-6444 is our direct line. You may also write to us via

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