The Canadian market is filled with a wide variety of SUVs from which you can pick. Giant companies such as Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Kia Motors are amongst the kings of SUVs makers here in Canada. In the last decade, it is well known that the Canadian auto industry had more passenger cars such as the Corollas and the Cobalts. SUVs were not that much in the market during those days. However, the industry took a shape turn and shifted to light trucks. Minivans and SUVs began taking over the Canadian roads. Currently, these types of makes have surpassed the 50% margin with the productions and sales increasing day by day. Last year was such a bad time due to the pandemic. Things are now taking shape in 2021 and the auto industry is still struggling to revive. The pr- pandemic time is set to improve the auto sales and bring it back to normal.

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 The pre-pandemic time is here with us and thanks to the vaccines for making life at least turn back to normal. The economy is slightly picking up with tons of activities getting back in shape. Movement restrictions are now done away with. Workers can now resume to work and the road trippers can hit the road as normal. Summer is here and the vacationers are set. We all got different tastes and to some, a car is not a car unless it is an SUV. Here are the top 10 of the best SUVs in Canada.


Kia Seltos.


While passing by the Kia motors showroom to sample out what to buy, do not pass the Kia seltos 2021 model. The appealing sport and edgy design will drool you away. The master-crafted exterior is something out of the ordinary. When you open the doors, you will be greeted by a premium feeling rich with class. The interior of the Kia Seltos is polished with fine materials. The seats are very exquisite and comfortable. It’s a five-seater by the way. The accessories include an 8 infotainment screen (Inclusive of Apple car play and Android Auto), air conditioning system and a six-speaker sterio system. The SUV comes packed with a 2 liter engine for the lowest series producing over 150 hp.


Mazda CX-5.


Once again, Mazda has once again done what it does best by giving the world a new model; the Mazda CX-5. The well-finished and the crafted machine come fitted with a four-cylinder 187 moderate horsepower engine with appealing throttle response. The interior is breathtaking. Crafted with fine materials to bring out a detailed and executive feel. The front seats have an armrest which can be adjustable. We can’t ignore the spacious cargo room which comes with other compartments to store small items. The infotainment system comes with a 10-inch display screen, Mazda services and other services are included in the system. For a base price of $38,680, you can find yourself behind the wheels of a Mazda CX-5.


Toyota Rav4.


Starting at $27,000, you get be the owner of a 2021 Toyota Rav4. This is a compact crossover boasting a 2.5 litre four-cylinder engine. The engine produces 203 horsepower. The in driver-assist helps a lot in terms of safety, making the Toyota Rav4 rated a five-star. Interior comfort and cargo room is appealing too. 


Honda CR-V.


Honda decided to pack its CR-V with A 1.5-liter engine producing over 190 horsepower. The continuous variable transmission is also a key feature for the Honda CR-V. The interior is stylish and comfortable thanks to the quality and fine materials used. The chromed plastics and faux-wood accents upscale the interior layout. The cargo room is soothing with a capacity to hold over 10 carry-on suite cases. For only $25,350, the Honda CR-V can be yours.


Hyundai Tuscon.


The Japanese automaker delivered the Hyundai Tuscon the market and the feedback is very positive. You can choose to get the 2.0 liter 164-hp or the 2.4 liter 181-hp engine model. An 8.0 inch screen is mounted on the dashboard, offering essential services such as Apple car play Android Auto. The interior is well-built using fine materials crafted to perfection. The seats are stain proof with the higher versions offering leather seats. What are you waiting for. With only $24,885 you can be the real owner of the Hyundai Tuscon.


Toyota Highlander.


The Toyota Highlander comes with a 3.5-liter V-6 295-hp engine. Such a powerful engine for maximum performance on off-roads. Although handling is not that exciting, the car is very stable. Toyota value the live of its passengers and drivers. The car has driver assistance features. Lane control, cruise control and the automated emergency braking are amongst the key features in driver assistance.


Subaru crosstek.


This is among average performing SUV which comes with a 4 cylinder 152-hp engine. Engine noise is a bit of a nuisance but generally, the case is stable and has good handling. Cargo space will melt you away with the foldable rear seats which increase cargo volume. You can get one from the nearest dealer for a starting price of $23,000.


Hyundai Kona.


The Hyundai Kona comes in two versions, the SE and the SEL. The two come with a 147-hp four cylinder engine. The interior of the Kona series is made out of bold and stylish fabric and materials. The seats are comfortable with the steering wheel being wrapped in fine leather. Cargo space is surprisingly huge with ability to hold over 14+ catty-on suite cases.


Kia Sportage.


Kia Sportage is a turbocharged 237-hp SUV that is one of the best fuel economy crossover in the market. The interior is impressive with its mix of quality and exemplary features making it relate closely to the AUDI models. Fine materials and edgy designs make the interior appealing and luxurious. Cargo space is minimal and does not have compartments for small items. With a base price of $25,265, The Kia Sportage could be yours.


Nissan Rogue.


The Japanese automaker; Nissan is rocking the Canadian roads with its new model: The Nissan Rogue. This SUV comes with a 2.5-liter engine that powers to over 180-hp. The continuous variable transmission is equipped also with the all-wheel-drive being optional. The Nissan Rogue interior is rich in style and uniqueness. The interior is made up of fine materials that are well crafted to bring out an exquisite feel and look. The driver-assistance features are equipped to ensure safety is top-notch. $27,000 is the base price if you want to lay your hands on one.


Toyota Venza.


This is a five-passenger mid-size crossover SUV. The Venza is powered by a 2.5 liter engine that produces over 218-hp. The interior is less spacious compared to the Toyota Rav 4. The feature that is different from all other Toyotas is the sunroof. It has been made to change from opaque to transparent with only a switch button. Toyota Venza is 5 star rated in terms of safety with an inclusive driver –assistance. Starting at $33,385, you can make it yours.




In case you have been tirelessly looking for your dream car then there goes top 10 best SUVS of 2021.A-Protect Warranty Corporation offers extended warranty for any new purchase from the above list and any other car out there. New cars will always come with the factory’s warranty, however, it does not last that long. You need an extended warranty to cushions you any time you are met with unexpected expenses. Hit the dial at +1-866-600-6444or write to us via

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