The Challenges of Keeping Your Old Car in Great Shape

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So which is the best thing to do when it comes to cars and saving money? Investing in a new vehicle or keeping your old car? We all know that taking care of something old can take a lot more effort and 

You Have to Follow Your Manufacturer’s Recommended Maintenance 

One of the most important things that you should not forget to do is follow the recommended maintenance especially if you own an old car. Old cars need to be serviced based on the accumulated mileage, this means that the higher the mileage is, the more often the car needs to be serviced.

If you disregard the recommended maintenance, this could cause expensive repairs, sudden car breakdowns, or even a dreadful accident. Don’t wait around until you hear alarming noises. 

There’s a long list of things that you need to do to properly maintain your vehicle. Here are 10 basic tips that you need to follow:

  1. Make sure that your car brake system works
  2. Change all the important rubbers in your car
  3. Inspect your battery and make sure that it is corrosion-free
  4. Have your transmission fluid and filter replaced
  5. Ensure that your coolant levels are full
  6. Have your timing belt replaced especially for cars with more than 100,000 miles
  7. Make sure that your steering and suspension system works perfectly
  8. Never take your tires for granted, have them routinely rotated, and make it a habit to check the tire pressure
  9. Don’t forget about your windshield wipers
  10. And last but not least, be a responsible driver

You Have to Clean Your Old Car Religiously

The exterior part of your old car might be the least of your worries when It comes to extending its life, but did you know that the exterior part is as important as the interior parts? You have to set aside some time and effort to clean your car even if you have a really busy schedule.

There are three important reasons why you need to clean your car religiously.

  1. More often than not, your vehicle is a first impression. If you want to keep on driving an aesthetically-pleasing car, then you should keep in mind that washing your car regularly preserves the beauty of paint and a clear coat. 
  2. You may not realize this but driving a dirty vehicle can put you at risk. It’s important to have a clean windshield, windows, and mirror for you to get proper visibility, especially on rainy days. 

Make sure to also clear your interior of any potential blockage, especially the driver’s side, that will prevent you from being able to use the pedals.

  1. Don’t wait until your vehicle is bound for some costly repairs on parts that could’ve been avoided if you just took care of your car properly. Tires and wheels are the most common parts of your vehicle that collects dirt, mud, and other harmful elements. If you don’t clean these parts, then expect your tires and wheels to wear faster. We all know how expensive tire replacements are. 

You Have to Regularly Grease and Lubricate Your Old Car

Your vehicle is composed of numerous moving parts that are mostly metal. When one metal moves against each other, it creates a lot of friction and heat which contributes to faster wear of the part. To avoid this, you have to properly lubricate your car may it be old or new. 

The lesser the friction is, the smoother and better the drive will be.  

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Key Take-Away

These days, more and more people are holding on to their vehicles for a longer time instead of buying a new one because it’s more practical. There might be a lot of challenges when it comes to keeping your old car in great shape, but paying for maintenance or even repairs will only amount to a small fraction of what you would pay if you will purchase a new car. 

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