Is it Worth to Buy an Extended Warranty If You Only Drive Below 30,000 Miles a Year?

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5 Questions to Ask When Buying an Extended Warranty If You Drive Below 30,000 Miles A Year


Extended Car Warranty Explained

An extended car warranty, or sometimes known as a service agreement, is a warranty that will cover your vehicle for an extended period when your factory warranty expires. Extended car warranties protect you against expensive car repairs or replacement. 

The purpose of an extended car warranty is to save you more money than you might be spending on car repairs or replacement. 

5 Questions to Ask When Buying an Extended Warranty If You Drive Below 30,000 Miles A Year

Are you still wondering if buying an extended car warranty is worth it? If you answer yes to any of the questions below, in that case, you probably should consider getting one for your car.

Is Your Car Preowned?

If you bought a preowned vehicle, then you should consider purchasing a used car warranty. The reason for this is that your preowned vehicle may have underlying issues not listed on the Buyer’s Guide. 

A Buyer’s Guide is a disclosure given to car buyers that provides necessary information about the car’s history, known issues, and if the preowned vehicle comes with an extended warranty for used cars or sold “as is”.

Is Your Car Known to Have Certain problems?

In this day and age where cars are built to last longer and made more durable, there wouldn’t be any issues with your car right? Well not exactly, even the most reliable vehicle will eventually succumb to wear and tear failures. 

If your car is known to have certain problems or has a history of service needs, an extended car warranty will save you from costly car repairs. It’s true what they say that you’ll only see value in a warranty until you need one, but you will be pleased to know you got one ready when your car eventually breaks down.

Is The Factory Warranty Expiring?

When you bought your new car, you quite possibly heard your dealer mention an extended car warranty. There’s no law indicating that you need to buy an extended warranty together with your factory warranty. Did you know that you can buy an additional warranty at a later date? The great thing about an extended car warranty is that you can purchase it at any time. 

Make sure that you keep the expiry date of your factory warranty in mind. Extended car warranties supplement factory warranties, so before the factory warranty expires, purchase an extended car warranty. There is a lot of third-party providers that offer additional protection plans against car repairs, you can shop online for free quotes.

Are You Planning on Selling It Soon?

Time and again, you read articles or hear people telling you that extended car warranties add resale value to your vehicle. You might think that this is just another sales pitch from them to be able to make a profit, or is there some truth behind it? 

Extended car warranties add resale value to your vehicle and that’s a fact. Not only are you selling off your well-loved vehicle but you’re transferring the promise that whatever expensive repairs are needed, the warranty will protect your potential buyer against it. 

Are You Planning on Keeping It till Its Wheels Fall Off?

Even if you drive below 30,000 miles a year, this won’t exclude your car from wear and tear issues. Consider adding a used car warranty to your shopping list especially if you’re planning to keep your car till its wheels fall off. Remember that as the car ages, it’s more prone to breakdowns. 

Key Take-Away

An extended warranty for used cars exists because your vehicle will eventually succumb to breakdowns. May it be as big as an engine failure or a wear and tear issue like oil and oil filter. So before you suffer a great financial burden from costly repairs, get yourself covered with an extended car warranty. Secure a free warranty quote online with A-Protect Warranty. Choose from a variety of warranty options for your car needs. You’re sure to get professional advice and have a customized protection plan. 

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