How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring 2021

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Whether you’re planning on heading to the beach or getting ready for a road trip with friends, have your car spring-ready with these tips.

  1. Your Car Needs Some Spring Cleaning Too

With spring fast approaching, the first thing that you should keep in mind is to was your car from all that winter leftover and salt from the road. You can head over to a car wash and have your vehicle professionally cleaned and ready for spring.

You can also do the cleaning by yourself, but don’t forget to add baking soda to the wash water. This will help you get rid of that strong salt build-up.

  1. Change Your Winter Wheels

When the temperature rises to 45°F or 7°C, then that’s the best time you should change your tires. If you think that not changing your winter wheels to spring-appropriate tires will save you a lot of money, I suggest you shy away from that thought. Winter tires are designed for snow and cold temperatures and using them on a hot day will only destroy the tire faster.

  1. Replace Your Wiper Blades

It might not seem like much but changing your wiper blades is as important as changing your tires but it’s not as expensive. Snow can do a lot of damage to the wiper blades, and if you don’t change them, you’ll see streaks every time you use it on a rainy spring day. You don’t have to go to your mechanic to have the blades replaced, you can do it yourself. 

  1. Inspect Your Oil and Change if Necessary

Remember during the wintertime that you had to change your oil and add some anti-freeze? This time, it would be best to check your oil and change it accordingly. Each time you change your oil, also change your filter for optimal engine oil performance. 

  1. Check All Your Tires, Don’t Forget the Spare!

Now that you’ve removed your winter tires and replaced them with a spring-appropriate tire, inspect the tire air pressure if it corresponds to the manufacturer’s recommendation. The recommended psi range is from 30-35. 

Don’t forget to include your spare tire in your inspection! Most people neglect to check the spare thinking that because it’s not being used, it doesn’t lose any air. You can physically inspect the tires but if you’re not sure, visit your mechanic. 

  1. Update Your Emergency Kit

When you’re done spring cleaning on your car, try to update your emergency kit. You won’t be needing that blanket and extra-thick coat anymore. Check if you have good working batteries for your flashlight, a few bottles of water, flares, jacks, and a patch kit. 

  1. Inspect Your Brakes

The ideal time to have your breaks checked is every 6 months, and spring is just the perfect season for you to do it. Make sure that it’s working properly, tighten it if you have to since you’ve been probably using it a lot during the winter.


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Key Take-Away

A lot of times, we tend to forget about taking care of our possessions, but with a big investment such as a vehicle, you shouldn’t neglect its regular maintenance schedule that will extend your vehicle’s life and minimize wear and tear.

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