You always admire those fancy good looking bikes out there and wish to own one or maybe do own one. Those who own motorcycles can testify that biking is one hell of a hobby that is very demanding. Motorcycles vary depending from high-performing speed bikes with over 1500cc to those small scooters worth 100cc. All these machines require a huge investment in them for protection against damage and repair costs. As a new buyer, you will come out of a dealership store with a smile on knowing your motorcycle is covered for by the manufacturer’s warranty but that smile for sure won’t last for long. The manufacturer’s warranty expires and damage is inevitable. These machines now get very dependent on your wallet for uncertain repairs. This also applies to cases of used motorcycles which perhaps neither have an existing factory’s warranty nor an extended warranty.

This article is will show you how to get it for your motorcycle step by step.


What is an extended warranty?


An extended warranty is simply a cover policy set to protect your car from certain aspects beyond the mileage limit and period of a manufacturer’s warranty.


Types of extended warranty.


Extended warranties exist in two forms; Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) which one can purchase from the original manufacturers of the motorcycle and aftermarket warranty that are offered by third-party dealers. Before getting an extended warranty for your motorcycle always determine the type of warranty you want. A-Protect Warranty Corporation has one of the best-extended warranty deals.

Getting an extended warranty for your motorcycle might seem easy but that is not the case. Before purchasing a policy, you should note down some key tips that will help you pick out what is best for your machine. A hurried decision without taking on some measures will make a bad investment in the feature and you will regret it.


What to consider before getting an extended warranty


1.Type of coverage policy.


There are always several policies to pick from which cover certain parts of the motorcycle. It is very important to go through the warranty contract and know specifically which parts are excluded and included by the policy. Picking out the desired policy that is pocket-friendly and covers major critical parts will be helpful. There are several coverage policies for different parts such as; engine, clutch, brakes, gearbox, and shaft drive unit.


  1. Price of the policy.


Always consider purchasing a policy that matches your financial ability to avoid getting stuck due to the monthly underpayment. A-Protect Warranty Corporation offers quality and affordable policy plans that are very extensive and guarantee maximum protection for your motorcycle. Depending on the type of coverage, you will choose from a wide scope of policies ranging from basic ones to more complex ones. Choose what’s best for you.


  1. Get to know more about the warranty provider.


Make it a habit of doing more research about the warranty provider to get more information about them, their services, and reviews from their clients. This will help you in picking up the best provider from a wide range. A-Protect Warranty Corporation has a commendable reputation and has been in the game since 1999. This is a well-established company with diversified experience in the field. Services offered to clients are top-notch and incomparable. Investing in us will provide the extra security your motorcycle needs.


  1. Find out repair facilities authorized by the provider.


Inquire more about the facilities which are authorized to carry out repairs. Request to be told if not told so that you are aware of the service centers that perhaps are close enough in case of emergency. Most bikers are usually on road trips a lot and damage comes in at any time and any place. Knowing about every repair center authorized by the provider will help you in a situation where you are far from your all-time service provider.



After putting in the above measure now head straight to the warranty provider to get started. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is one place you should never miss out. We have one of the easiest and smooth coverage processes and minimal to zero paper works is needed. This is a leading warranty provider in entire North America that assures maximum protection of your motorcycle. We are A+ accredited and ranked by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Reach us out for an instant free quote through email at or call directly via 1-866-660-6444.

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