How Does an Unlimited Mileage Warranty Work?


Cars today are built to last long that’s why drivers are more confident in driving their vehicles for an extended period. The mileage cap on a car used to be at 100,000 miles but nowadays, you can go up to 200,000 miles and have your car still running in great condition.

Sounds Too Good to Be True!

At most, the standard coverage for a factory warranty is 3 years/36,000 mileage. If you want to extend the coverage, then you should give an extended car warranty a thought. Third-party providers can offer up to 5 years/60,000 mileage. Now this coverage is a “whichever comes first” warranty plan. This means that if you went over 60,000 miles before the 5-year term expires, then expect that your coverage to end. 

So what does unlimited mileage bring to the table? It gives you peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about going over a certain mileage and have your warranty cut off even before the warranty term ends. 

Being A Responsible Driver Does Not Mean Lower Mileage

Just because you drive the minimum on the speed limit, does not indicate that you’re going to have lower mileage. Depending on how often and how long your drive is, will have an impact on your odometer. 

Buying A Used Car with High Mileage

There have been misconceptions about high mileage cars being bad. Although there are a number of people with a love-hate relationship with high-mileage cars, it being bad is not entirely true. If you see a high mileage car still in good running condition, then this means that the car was maintained properly and you can tell it was built to last.

A-Protect Warranty Plan with Unlimited Mileage Coverage

Did you know that there are only a number of warranty providers that offer unlimited warranty coverage? With A-Protect Warranty, you don’t have to worry about getting limits on your mileage. You’re sure to have a variety of extended car warranty options that you may personalize according to what suits you and your car needs.

Silver Plus Plan

With Silver Plus Plan, you get the basic powertrain coverage that comprises an engine, transmission, transaxle/differential, towing, and trip Interruption with an additional option to include a head gasket and unlimited kms.

Gold Plus Plan

Aside from the powertrain coverage, the Gold Plus Plan offers 4X4/AWD, head gasket, turbo/supercharger, seals & gaskets, and of course unlimited kms.

Platinum Plus Plan

Platinum Plus Plan has all the coverage that the Gold Plus Plan has to offer with an additional option to include an air conditioner that consists of a compressor, clutch assembly, receiver, dryer, and evaporator. It also offers a power steering option (power steering pump, steering gear, rack, and pinion assembly).

In case your car needs more than a day to be repaired, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on car rentals. Platinum Plus Plan provides a $35 a day reimbursement package for a repair that is covered under the contract.

Premium Plan

The powertrain coverage of a premium plan includes engine, transmission, transaxle/differential, and towing. Additional options consist of 4×4/AWD, seals & gaskets, supercharger, air-conditioning, electrical, fuel, and cooling systems, front suspension, power steering, GPS & backup camera. 

Together with these coverages, the premium plan also covers trip interruption, wear & tear issues, and car rental options.

Luxury and Luxury Plus Plans

With Luxury Plan and Luxury Plus Plan, you get all of the coverage options in the previous plans with an excellent supplementary package for you to avail of such as water pump, motor mounts, oil pan, harmonic balancer, pulley intake, and exhaust manifold.

Key Take-Away

An unlimited mileage option for your vehicle is not just a “too good to be true” quote but it is true. The length of a standard limited warranty is based on the years offered by the provider or the mileage, whichever comes first. If your vehicle went over the maximum mileage when you’re on a limited warranty, then your warranty ends even if you still have some years left. With unlimited miles coverage, you don’t have to worry about your extended car warranty ending so soon. 

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