Conventional oil is the old traditional oil that has been there since modern automobiles began using oil. However, the fate of this oil did not last for long. There was a need for a new product in town. Scientist invented a new product which took over from conventional oil.  It was engineered from basic oil whose molecular structure enhanced and adjuvants added. Hence the name synthetic oil. It posed great competition towards conventional oil since most automakers opted to produce cars that used this type of oil. Currently, over 98% of cars now use synthetic oil over conventional oil. The only cars which still use conventional oil are the old models.

The well-being and security of your car are what can make you have a good experience with your car. Be it old or new, you need to take care of your car. Inclusive of taking charge of repair expenses. But at times, you can be met by large bills which you cannot afford. The engine is one part that is very expensive to maintain. Someone has to be by your side to help you out. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here for you. Check us out and get your car an extended warranty. You won’t regret that decision. Keep reading!

Conventional oil.

Oil has been there since long ago formed from the dead composition of plants and animals. Due to a series of reactions, heat and pressure generated gave rise to oil. The gradual advancement of man made it possible for oil discovered and now began being used to run engines. This oil is a direct product of distilled crude oil.

Synthetic oil.

Conventional oil use reduced by the introduction of synthetic in the market. Synthetic oil is not something new or began being used of late. It has been around since the 1920s. This type of oil is a hybrid kind of oil made up of chemicals that have been engineered together with basic oil to bring out something super in nature. This type of oil is currently in use with almost all automobiles and any other engine out there. 

Synthetic oil came in carried away most drivers trust off the conventional oil. Those who owned old cars turned against the traditional oil and adapted to using the newly modified oil. This article will help get rid of the narrative that conventional oil is bad for your old. Here are some of the benefits of sticking to the conventional oil for your old car;

  1. It is less costly.

Your car engine needs care and protection at all times to function at its optimum level. Amongst the ways of taking good care of your engine is getting an oil change after driving for a time. Roughly most old car needs to get an oil change after every 3,000 miles. Conventional oil turns out to be super pocket friendly compared to synthetic oil. Synthetic oil costs twice the price of normal traditional oil. This is soothing and promotes peace of mind especially if you live under a fixed budget.  A routine oil change is something you need to consider for your car no matter what. Furthermore, conventional oil just works fine!

  1. Better for the old engine.

It is recommended never to use synthetic oil in an old model’s engine. Long before existed myths which stated that using synthetic oil in old engines caused oil leaks and cracks on oil valves. Well, this was true. However, the main point remains not to use synthetic oils on old cars. Old car engines were meant to use the traditional conventional oil. Using synthetic engine in old cars, for example, may cause gears to grind against each other since it flows smoothly and is less thick. Old car engines were designed for thick oil and that can only be conventional oil.


No matter effective and super synthetic oil is, it is not wise to use it in old cars. Because old cars have an engine structure and system, they adapted to using conventional oil. Therefore, it is necessary to stick to using conventional oil since not only does it save your engine but has benefits you enjoy. The life of the engine determines how well your car performs. We always want our cars to be in good form be they new or old classic ones. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is determined to ensure that happens to your car. Our extended warranties guarantee protection against expensive repair costs that you may incur. Why not try it out! Please call us out at +1-866-600-6444 for a free quote.

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