Why is their fluid leaking from your car?


When you notice a wet patch under your car, it can be a sign of something serious or simple condensation. Your vehicle relies on a number of fluids to keep it running smoothly and, when you see a puddle, there could be a number of reasons. In some cases, your car might not be safe to drive which is why it’s so important that you understand how to tell the difference between these substances.


Black or light brown patches

This stain will have a medium consistency and it is usually the engine oil. There are several gaskets, plenty of heat, and your engine has one of the largest capacities for fluid in the entire vehicle. It might not be a major cause for concern but the source of the leak should be determined so that any worn or broken parts can be replaced. Remember, dripping oil on a hot engine is never a good idea!


Black, reddish, or light brown patches

These stains can have a thicker or thinner consistency. They often resemble patches made by dripping motor oil but they are somewhat thicker and located closer to the center of the vehicle. Vehicles with automatic transmissions have a fairly thin, reddish fluid which is the transmission fluid. Some other standard transmissions today also use this kind of fluid. This kind of leak can indicate a leak in a number of places or there could be a deteriorating seal somewhere along the line. Urgent inspection is important.


Light brown or reddish

This fluid has a thin consistency. It is your power steering fluid and it sometimes looks similar to your transmission fluid. If this fluid is dripping from the front of the car, then it’s the power steering. This is another important issue that needs to be resolved promptly or it could result in power steering failure.


Slightly brown or clear

This fluid is critical and used in the brake hydraulic system. It has a medium consistency and it will look like mineral oil and may have a slightly brown appearance. This is due to the build up of contaminants like rust and dust. Again, this is an important fluid and you should have this matter resolved immediately.


Differential fluid

This fluid is thick in consistency and it will drip from the rear of the car. Cars with front wheel drive, however, will experience leaks in the front. Finding the source of this leak may take some extra effort.


Green pink or yellow

This fluid is thin and slimy. It is your coolant and it is one of the easiest of all to identify. If you lose this fluid, it can result in overheating which is why it’s important to check your vehicle regularly. Older cars have hoses that allow the coolant to purge out onto the driveway or road. Newer cars, however, have special reservoirs designed to catch the coolant. So, if you have an old car, you might want to check if it has such a hose. If not, make sure that you check all the hoses, water pump, and never drive when your coolant is low.


Clear liquid

If you notice clear thin fluid under the front passenger side of the car, it might be due to condensation from your air conditioner. Just like home and office air conditioners release condensation, so too does your car.

Some fluid loss problems are fairly easy and inexpensive to fix. Others, on the other hand, can cost a small fortune. This is why it is so important that you have the right coverage. Call A-Protect Warranty today at 1-866-660-6444 to find out which package is best for you.


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