Five surprisingly essentials items to keep in your car

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While the holidays are definitely our favourite time of the year, the weather can make driving all the more precarious. You just never know what the day a head holds. And while being a paranoid vigilante isn’t always your best option, it’s nice to be prepared.

Here’s a list of six essential items to have in your car at all times. Because you just never know. And while everyone will have a first aid kit and jumper cables in their trunk, we’re going to list six surprising, yet still fully essential items which you should definitely be lugging around at all times.

So without further ado, here’s A-Protect’s list of six surprising yet essential items to have in your car:

1. A flashlight and batteries

This is one of the more obvious suggestions on the list. A flashlight is a necessary must for anyone driving long distances and for people who live in the country or anywhere outside of a city. A flashlight isn’t just an invaluable tool to help you see if your car breaks down somewhere dark, but it’s also a practical signal for help. A half-decent flashlight can be seen for kilometers, so for the sake of an emergency, definitely keep one of these bad boys with you at all time.

2. A blanket or coat

Another preventative measure against the weather and rural driving. If your battery ever gives out or you find yourself out of gas, you’ll probably be glad to have a blanket or extra coat while you wait for CAA to come to the rescue. Car batteries are especially sensitive during the frosty Canadian winter months, making precautions like handy blankets or flashlights essential items to keep in your trunk – especially during long drives.

3. Duct tape

It’s a Canadian stereotype that you can fix anything with duct tape. But you know what they say? Stereotypes can sometimes come from a place of truth. We’ve all seen people driving around with some part of their car duct taped together, and while it’s certainly not visually appealing, it can provide a very temporary solution when you need it most. It can provide momentarily relief for your busted tire or even hold a mirror together until you can receive help. Still not convinced? Check out this list of heroic uses of duct tape to fix a car.

4. Maps

Now I can hear you saying, who on earth still uses paper maps? It’s true, they seem like a somewhat extinct use of tree. But the great thing about a physical map is that they can’t run out of energy and they certainly do not require any reception to work properly. And if you live in the country, you can certainly vouch that it’s fairly common to run off the wifi grid when it’s the most inopportune moment.

5. A few books

You just never know when long, boring waiting periods will sneak up on you. From waiting rooms at the mechanic to waiting for a friend who’s running excruciatingly late, a book or two can definitely come in handy. Books are great because they don’t drain the precious battery life of your phone, which may be important, depending on how long it’ll be before you’re back in the arms of your charger.

You might have all the obvious car items in place. You’re smart and prepared. But what about the less obvious, but equally essential items? Follow the above list from A-Protect and keep yourself warm, safe and entertained in any possible situation that you find yourself in.

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