Does your Nissan car need an extended car warranty?


Buying a new car can be exciting. For the first few weeks, you most likely would treat it like gold.

However, nothing is immune to getting an accident and so is your Nissan. Although it comes along with warranty coverage, you may need to get extra protection. This is where we come in.

Getting an extended car warranty is important for the durability and longevity of your Nissan car. Looking to get more information on the extended car warranty we offer? Keep reading!

An extended car warranty is an insurance plan you get for your car apart from the initial insurance. It helps foot the bills of most repairs carried out on your car once the initial auto insurance expires.

What is the cost for an extended car warranty

After you purchase your car from a preferred dealer, he most likely would offer you the option of purchasing an extended car warranty.

The decision, however, is up to you. There are a lot of companies that offer the extended car warranty, ours’ included.

The cost of an extended warranty differs in terms of coverage, how much coverage you would like, What extended car warranty service you’d want to be rendered to you, age and model of your car. The cost ranges between $1000-$3000 after you’ve selected which plan you would be going for.

We offer one of the best rates compared to most companies and dealers who make a lot of profit off their customers buying the extended car warranty at a high rate.

Benefits of getting the extended car warranty

As exciting as getting a new car can be, you’re most likely not thinking about getting an extended car warranty. We must help customers see the benefits of this purchase. We collaborate with popular dealers and brands to give the best extended car warranty coverage. Some benefits include

1. Peace of mind

As time goes on, your car will begin to break down and you may experience break down moments with your car. An extended car warranty covers roadside assistance and towing services for our customers. This way you don’t need to stress yourself thinking of how to get your damaged car to a repair shop.

2. Saves you from spending

With our warranty, you are covered from spending on major and minor repairs you may incur after the initial insurance expires.

3. Keeps the value of your car intact

you may not see the significance of an extended car warranty unless you get one for yourself. Cars covered under the extended car warranty are liable to remain very much intact. With this, if you want to sell your car at some point, you get a fair deal.

How much does the Nissan extended warranty save you from spending

the amount of money spent normally on repairs if you don’t have a Nissan extended warranty is huge. The estimated cost depends on the model of the car, age, and driving skills.

To give you an insight into how much money Nissan repairs cost, below are some damages and the cost it takes to repair them.

1. Replacing a Nissan AC compressor will cost you about $700-$1100
2. Changing a Nissan rogue fuel pump will cost you over $560-$650
3. Getting a new Nissan GT-R head gasket would cost you about $1700-$3200

This is just a rough estimation of how much Nissan repairs cost. Now imagine if you don’t own a Nissan extended warranty, you would be spending these amounts and more on repairs.

Is getting a Nissan extended warranty worth it?

New and old vehicles cost a lot of money to maintain on your own. Having an extended car warranty will not only safeguard your car but improve your health. You don’t need to stress yourself thinking about damages that may happen. Nissan extended warranty has got you covered.

You can check out our extended car warranty options here. At A-protect Warranty Corporation, the safety of you and your car is out top priority.

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