Does Maintaining Your Car at a Dealership Really Cost You More Money Than You Should Spend?

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If you want to keep driving your car for a long time, then you should follow the recommended maintenance schedule even if it’s a bit of inconvenience for you. In this article, we’re going to list the pros and cons of having your car maintained at a dealership and find out if it is costing you more money.

Pros of Maintaining Your Car at a Dealership

  1. You’re Confident That Your Car Will Be Handled by Professionals

One of the best things that a dealership offers is the level of knowledge and expertise the dealership mechanic has when it comes to handling your car. You’re confident that dealership mechanics have been properly trained and kept up-to-date with car issues. They can pinpoint certain problems without investigating too much.

  1. For Minor Repairs and Maintenance, You’re Sure That They Have Replacement Parts in Stock 

Another plus point for getting your car serviced at a dealership is the abundance of stocks. This would mean that it would take them less time to finish the replacement or repairs since the dealership does not have to wait for them anymore. 

Not only this but you’re assured to get the best quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vehicle parts. 

  1. Dealership Offer Top Quality Equipment and Updated Technology to Service Your Car

Modern diagnostic equipment is so expensive that there are only a few third-party service repair shops that own it. This is getting your car fixed or maintained is better when you go to a dealership since they already have the right equipment for it. 

Sure, it might be a bit more expensive at a dealership but this is because they have what other service repair shops may not have. 

  1. You Don’t Have to Worry About Getting Your Warranty Claim Rejected

Have you ever experienced getting your warranty claim rejected or know somebody who did? When it comes to warranty, most providers are uncompromising. One reason that a claim gets rejected is when the provider finds out that the issue resulted from installing an aftermarket replacement part that causes the problem in the first place.

I’m not saying that you don’t have the right to choose an aftermarket product especially if you want to save money, all I’m saying is that you need to be careful when choosing them. This is the reason why if you get your car serviced at a dealership, you’re sure that when you file a claim, it will be approved since the dealership uses OEM parts only.

Cons of Maintaining Your Car at a Dealership

  1. You’ll Often Hear Unnecessary Recommendations from Dealership Service Managers

Imagine going to a dealership to get your car serviced for a simple oil change and end up paying $500. Dealership Service Managers have been mistaken to be mechanics but they’re salespeople who are paid on a commission basis. The trouble with having your car serviced by them is the unnecessary recommendations from dealership service managers. They try to upsell products and services that you don’t even need for that certain moment.

  1. You Don’t Have the Opportunity to Have a Relationship with The Man That Fixes Your Car

Apart from unnecessary recommendations from dealership service managers, any relationship with the mechanic is nonexistent. The reason for this is that the usual people that you’ll meet at the dealership are people from the management and seldom the mechanic. 

  1. Prices for Replacement Parts, Labor Costs, and Maintenance Products Are Expensive

Expensive replacement parts, high labor costs, pricey maintenance is not big news when you are at the dealership. You’re not only paying for the product or service itself but you’re also paying for the brand name and reputation. This is why dealerships are expensive.


Key Take-Away

Indeed, maintaining your vehicle at a dealership can cost a lot of money but this is because of the quality and service that they offer. I’m not saying that you should always choose dealerships and OEM products, all I’m saying is that if you don’t mind paying more to get quality work, then you should choose dealerships. If you’re looking to switch to more affordable parts and service, you have the freedom to choose an aftermarket part and be serviced by your favorite mechanic.

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