Buying A Used Car? How Old Is Really Old?

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More and more people are buying used cars because of their practicality value. In this article, we’ll talk about tips needed to be taken note of when buying a used car. 

Decide On Your Budget

Let’s first decide on how much you will set aside for your car purchase. When buying a car, you can either save up and pay cash upfront or you can take out a loan to help you pay for the vehicle. Don’t forget that you also have to set aside money for insurance and registration so keep in mind your budget.

Decide On Your What Car You’re Going to Buy

So you’ve already set a budget on how much you’re going to spend for your car, let’s now move on to what car are you going to buy. If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we need to be smart when spending. The good thing when it comes to this day and age is that you don’t have to go door-to-door to research cars, you can easily do that online. 

Haven’t decided on what car to buy yet? Ask yourself these questions so you can narrow down your choices. 

  1. Are you the only one who’s going to use it?
  2. How often are you going to use the car?
  3. Do you need a big cargo space whenever you travel?
  4. How’s the weather in your state?

Research About the Car You Chose

When it comes to getting information, the internet is a gold mine. You can find almost anything and everything. When you know more about the car you’ve chosen to buy, you’ll now have an idea of the kind of insurance you’re going to get. 

Some people fail to research their cars and then regret not doing so in the future because 1.) They paid more than the car is worth or 2.) There are a lot more preexisting issues than what has been said. So before you seal the deal with the dealer, make sure you’ve done enough research. 

Buying a Preowned Car: Private Seller or Dealer?

  1. Private Seller 

The advantage when it comes to buying from a private seller is that buyers can haggle for the best price. Usually, what these sellers do is they price it according to the “asking price” from what they see on ads similar to the cars they’re selling and not the actual “selling price”. 

  1. Car Dealer

If this will be your first time buying a used car and you don’t have any clue about cars, then your best choice would be buying from a car dealer. This way you’re sure that the car you’re buying will be of driving quality. Car dealers are mandated by law to sell car only to a certain standard, private sellers are not bound to any laws. 

If you still chose to go with a private seller, it’s wise to hire a professional to have the car inspected before you seal the deal.

How Old Is the Car?

A general rule of thumb is that cars are still in great shape and good driving condition up to 4 years as long as it’s well maintained. But this is not always the case since there are cases wherein older cars work better than newer ones. It all depends on the kind of car and how well maintained it is. It’s good to do some research because some car models are built to last longer. 

Extended Warranty for Used Cars

Just because it’s a preowned vehicle does not mean that you don’t have to take care of it just like how you would a new car.

All the more that you need to take care of it. When a preowned car is put up to be sold, a buyer’s guide is required. A buyer’s guide is where the customers will see the basic information of the car, the history, and the existing issues (if any). 

Wit A-Protect Warranty, you’re sure to get the best extended car warranty for used cars. 

Key Take-Away

When buying a used car, make sure that you set a budget, narrowed your car choice, done your research, and contacted the dealer for it. It pays to be prepared since buying a used car is a big investment. 

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