Despite the pandemic ravaging the world being since 2020, normal life has to continue and people learn how to live with their situation. The pandemic has affected the automobile industry in some ways both ”killing” small firms while the big ones struggle to cope up. People on the other hand have been ravaged too, but there has been also a steady demand for cars. Both giant and moderate firms have stood by people’s demands. However, there will always a difference between high-end cars and low-class ones. This is due to the specifications and features of the car or the bigger the brand the best they produce. Cars that don’t meet the high-end class are usually considered the worst. But all these cars either worst or best are prone to breakdown and failures. Before making a purchase always consider getting an aftermarket warranty too. This article is to help you know the differences between the best and worst cars.



1.Audi Q5.

The handsome slick car comes with extraordinary features out of this world. The car looks nice with an extra touch in the interior giving it a razor-sharp look. Advanced tech displays and other digital interior parts are a thing to admire in the Audi Q5. Any car enthusiast would love to own this kind of car. Purchasing a new car comes with a manufacturer’s car warranty which does not guarantee lifetime car protection. Since the car is prone to damage and failure, you need to get an extended warranty for maximum protection and security of the car. This is an investment worth securing.


2.Kia Soul.

Kia Motors brand has never disappointed at any time. They have in recent years released a series of models with the latest being a Kia Soul GT-line. This model boasts a 201 horsepower engine with a Continuous Variable Automatic (CVT) transmission. The interior is spacious with high-tech displays on the dashboard. The CVT guarantees fuel economy thus you don’t need to complain a lot about fuel consumption. However, this model with time develops engine problems, braking, and electrical issues. To avoid this and many other issues from ravaging and destroying your car, get an aftermarket warranty for extensive coverage on parts that may be omitted by the factories’ warranty. Check out A-Protect Warranty Corporation for the best warranties.


3.Volvo XC40.

The machine comes with a 4-cylinder engine with up to 187 horsepower and 8-speed shift able transmission. The interior is equipped with interior large screens for infotainment display. All seats are leather, well-furnished offering a premium feel, and have the necessary safety features. This car also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that is valid for only four years. Getting an extended warranty would be a better choice if you intend to keep it for a long time. These models are set to have full electrical functionality in the feature.



1.Subaru Ascent.

Subaru Ascent is a model from Subaru automobiles. It is a decent SUV class with a built-in 260 horsepower engine and a CVT automatic transmission. The vehicle boasts a spacious cargo space and has enough room for many passengers. However, despite all the positive sides, the car has a huge problem with its transmission. There have been numerous complaints about the issue to an extent of even suing the company. These complaints have made it hard for the car brand to be ranked high instead of dragging the car’s reputation as days go by. As a new owner of such a model, don’t get too afraid of such complaints rather get the car an extended warranty. This type of warranty will ensure maximum protection of the car from those transmission issues. Visit or any dealership to purchase the warranty before it’s too late.


  1. Jeep Compass.

This 5 seater model has a 180 horsepower engine with a 2.4-liter inline-4. The seat is comfy enough under has large spacious cargo space. The car however doesn’t come with an automatic emergency braking system. After a short period of use, the car develops braking and transmission problems you may find very frustrating. The crushing tests confirm the car’s poor braking system too. But don’t worry any further, A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here for you. Purchase an aftermarket warranty for the car to avoid any issues that arise from the car.


A car is just a car. The only issue arising to make a car either worse or best is the performance. In general, all cars are prone to damage and this may affect performance further. This is why A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to help. They offer aftermarket warranties which you can purchase a cover policy of your desire to give your car the best feel and touch. Reach them out through email or directly inquire by a call on 1-866-660-6444 (Toll-Free).

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