5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying An Extended Warranty For Your Nissan Vehicle

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Are you planning on buying a Nissan?

Car buyers impulsively spend most of their time researching on what vehicle to buy and paying for it. But very few consumers put much effort into researching the add-ons that they will be put forth in the dealership’s office. The lack of preparation can cost you thousands if you don’t know about the add-ons that are worth it and which ones are not.

Buyers will usually be offered an extended warranty of some kind. An extended car warranty is the repair coverage that antes up after the typical manufacturer auto warranty expires. This extended auto warranty will cover most sizable breakdowns and stabilize repairs since parts and labour prices fluctuate over time. The automaker/ a third-party administrator can offer this form of car warranty. Should you consider an extended warranty on a new or used car? It depends on five primary factors. We’ll guide you through the decision-making process.

1. Do You Need To Buy An Extended Warranty?

Suppose you plan to keep using your vehicle for more than three years than the answer is YES! you should opt for it otherwise as well if you want to be on the safer side, just if you change your mind and decide to keep using your car for a more extended period. It gives peace of mind to know that even after your factory warranty expires, the extended warranty has still got your back.

Before you decide, you should keep in mind the unforeseen expenses if some component of your car breaks down. That depends on factors like the model and age of your car and your driving habits. But to give you an idea of the cost to repair a Nissan, here are the common repairs reported by Nissan drivers, according to data from RepairPal:

Average Repair Estimates for Nissans in 2020
· $557–$648 for a Nissan Rogue fuel pump replacement
· $1,213–$1,251 for a Nissan Sentra catalytic converter replacement
· $691–$1,063 for a Nissan Versa AC compressor replacement
· $3,142–$3,899 for a Nissan GT-R head gasket replacement
· $590–$657 for a Nissan Pathfinder brake master cylinder replacement
If you want to avoid these unwanted future expenses and want a hassle-free ride for years to come, you should strongly consider buying an extended Nissan car warranty.

2. Who Is Backing The Extended Car Warranty?

Dealerships typically offer extended warranties on new cars at the time of sale. If you’re buying a comparatively low-mileage, used car from a dealership, there’s a good chance you’ll be offered a warranty, too.

Most dealerships offer third-party warranties from companies with different track records. If you are purchasing an extended car warranty, make sure it is backed by the a good 3rd party Nissan extended warranty company like A-Protect Warranty.

If you consider coverage for a specific purpose, such as a Nissan rental car benefit or higher roadside assistance towing limit than the automaker offered, check for online reviews to see what others say about it.

Some of the benefits of a third party dealership are:

  • More Options for Service
  • Interest Payments on an Extended Warranty
  • Quick and Easy Policy Transfer

3. Have You Shopped For The Best Price?

The dealership you’re buying the vehicle from may say that the extended car warranty price is non-negotiable. Well, that might not be the case. If you check with some other extended warranty providers, you’ll find a lower asking price for the same merchandise. Or they might be willing to negotiate.

The cost of any Nissan extended warranty will vary by provider. Usually, you can expect the cost to be based on the below-mentioned factors:

  • Amount of coverage
  • Age of your car
  • Mileage
  • Make and model of your car.
  • If or not you have a luxury vehicle

4. What’s Covered In The Warranty?

Typically, two types of extended warranty coverage are offered:
Inclusionary and exclusionary.

An inclusionary warranty covers items that are listed explicitly in the contract.
An exclusionary warranty has a detailed list of those items that are not covered by the agreement.

If you want to have an exclusionary contract then, you should go through line-by-line to make sure that the expensive items which may fail are not excluded. Exclusionary policies typically come with higher price tags than inclusionary policies.

5. Who Has The Best Nissan Used Car Extended Warranty?

There are plenty of extended warranty companies available to choose from, but working with a highly respected company like A-Protect can help you save your money in the long run. Finding a reputable warranty provider is the essential thing you can do while shopping for an extended warranty on a used car. To find an authentic provider that fits your needs, you’ll first need to decide between buying a warranty from a dealership or buying from a third-party warranty company.

Why get an extended warranty from A-Protect Warranty?

If your Nissan factory warranty has or is about to expire, it’s wise to consider extended warranty coverage. You may wonder, Is a Nissan extended warranty worth it? If you want to make the most out of your car’s life and keep your Nissan beyond the length of your manufacturer’s warranty terms, then choosing an extended warranty for your Nissan is the best way to save hundreds—possibly thousands—of dollars in the long run.

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