Rust is chemically defined as a reddish-brown oxide that is caused due to a reaction of iron and moisture. Cars as we all know are composed of 90% iron components. This means that a car is very much vulnerable to rust. Rust forms almost anywhere there is an exposed iron metal or sheet, be it the engine, body, or tire rims. Rusts that form up in the engine pose a very dangerous threat to the life and functionality of the engine and generally any other movable part in the car such as the wheels and the axle. Rust also damaged other body parts such as the roof and door hinges.

Rust is such a bad nuisance to most car lovers. Who would love it being called the owner of a rusty old-looking car?. Consider getting an extended warranty for that old car and restore its lost glory. Check out the Secure drive warranty. Well, this article is to help you know more about rust protection for your car.


  1. Avoid scratches.


We can all agree that calamity rings no bell but this time one should try as much as possible to avoid bumps and hits that could cause scratches to the body of the car. When scratches occur, they peel off the painting which protects the car’s body thus exposing the bare metal sheet. Salt, water, and air combine and form upon the exposed part as some nasty brown color. To avoid getting rust on these scratches or rather getting the scratches, you need to;

  • Always park under a shade to avoid rain dropping on the scratched area.
  • Avoid parking too close to other cars.


  1. Get rustproofing treatment


Rustproofing is amongst one of the aftermarket treatment which can be of great use when it comes to rust protection for your car. Most car dealerships have this kind of service for their customers. This type of treatment is mainly for the area all around the vehicle that is vulnerable to rust. These parts include; rocker’s panel, upper body panels, pinch weld points, tailgate as well as the interior surfaces of car doors. Rustproofing entails spraying a protective wax on the parts with a special focus pointed to an area with the most exposure to moisture. At CARCHEX there are state-of-the-art ultra-modern machines that are monitored by professionals which are used in rustproofing treatment. This kind of treatment guarantees maximum protection for your car.


  1. Do undercoating for the car.


The car needs that extra protection to the underside since it is where there is great exposure to corrosive substances, especially during winter times. The underside of a car forms rust without the knowledge of the owner since it is mostly not easily visible. The corrosion may worsen by eating up vital components beneath the car thus causing problems that could cost a lot high and become unbearable. Undercoating involves the spraying of a rubber-based substance or wax through the entire surface beneath both axles. This layer acts a proof against the rust. However, this kind of protection diminishes over time. The layer gets worn out over time especially for cars that are in climates with substantial amounts of rain and salt.


  1. Use of rust inhibitors.


These are chemically made products that provide a ‘’shield’’ like a defense mechanism to the area that rust often forms. One good example of a chemically made product is WD-40 that is used to prevent rust formation. The lubricant protects your car during all seasons by keeping the parts dry. After that fancy carwash, make it a habit of spraying this product on parts that are exposed to prevent rust from damaging your highly prized form of investment.


5.Maintain high cleanliness standards.


Cleanliness will always be the number remedy to almost every problem that occurs in our daily lives. I n this case, your car needs to be clean thoroughly to prevent it from being a victim of rust. If you use your car in areas which it is often raining or leave in an area with high salt content, wash your car at least thrice a week. Many individuals tend to ignore this fact since it is always raining. Avoid using normal soap since it does not help protect from rust but rather scraps off the car paint. Use a DIY car wash soap to clean your car at all times.




Rust is inevitable. We should accept this fact and make use of the above techniques that will enable us to combat this menace and be on the safer side. Rust will kill your car and turn it into some old rusty piece of junk. Don’t give it time to harm your car, get yourself a cover policy from CARSHIELD that will help your combat rust if the situation is beyond you.

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