3 Things You Should Know About Extended Car Warranty and If it Covers Transmission Related Issues


The chances are that your head will start spinning when your dealer asks if you need an extended warranty. Several auto owners do not know what an aftermarket warranty is all about. If you are facing such a situation, you should learn everything there is to extended warranties. This comprehensive guide will discuss everything about extended warranties.

Understanding Extended Warranties
Several people assume that this warranty is similar to typical contracts until time runs out. Understanding the differences allows you to get value for your money. For starters, they both work the same way. Think of contracts as a promise by the company or warranty dealer to cater to your vehicle repairs. You will be able to choose the ideal option when you are well aware of auto warranties.

One crucial element you need to know is the limitations, which affect the length, limitations, and car needs. Unfortunately, several auto owners do not know the benefits and restrictions of their coverage. By understanding each option, you can find the ideal plan.

For starters, it works the same way as a typical warranty. It is a guarantee that future vehicle problems will be fixed. But, extended car warranties are different from standard contracts for various reasons. To begin with, car owners have endless selections when buying a third-party warranty. Above all, several providers can have multiple options. The warranty differs from an original one since you can pick a customized option that meets all your car problems.

There are two forms of extended warranties:
1.      Vehicle Service Contracts.
Warranty companies and car manufacturers provide these warranties. They are also known as extended warranties.  Although they share similar promises with original warranties, extended warranties are not based on the original one. Owners have more choices in such a warranty.

2.      Real Extended Warranties.
Manufacturers provide genuine extended warranties. Car owners can extend the length of their original contract with this option.

Is an Extended Warrant Different From an Original Warranty?
Learning the differences between the two allows you to avoid inconveniences and undue panic. Keep reading to discover the significant differences:

1.      The Provider.
Original warranties are provided by the manufacturer, while third-party providers offer extended car warranties.

2.      The Coverage.
Most factory warranties cover repairs and replacements related to the manufacturer, while extended warranties allow car owners to choose a tailor-made plan.

3.      Available Options.
Original contracts only cover the expenses of repairing or replacing parts due to normal wear, while extended warranties offer various options.

4.      Price.
Although several people assume that original plans are less costly, the price will be recovered in the car’s purchase. Extended warranties are affordable and more comprehensive.

5.    Limitations
Unlike original plans, aftermarket warranties allow you to go for repairs from manufacturer-certified technicians and independent mechanics.

Do You Need an Extended Warranty 2021?
Even though you do not need aftermarket coverage to drive around, it pays to have warranty coverage. Forget about undue repair expenses if you are covered. Not just that, but you will also have the freedom to choose.
However, an extended warranty only works if you have a budget. Look around to identify a friendly plan for your pocket. Below is why an extended warranty makes sense this year. 

  • Enjoy More Control 

One of the reasons why you should have coverage is more control. Compared to the typical options, the power is in your hands with this warranty. First, you can choose a plan according to your budget or preferences. You can even ask the company to cover your routine checks. Besides, you can work with any mechanic so long as the provider agrees. 

  • Keep Your Car on the Road 

Car faults can occur at any time. Having a plan keeps your car on the road by allowing you to repair it immediately. 

  • Saves You Money 

An extended plan will save you money in your future repairs. The program will cover all the repairs and replacements. If your plan allows it, you will not have to pay for routine maintenance. 

Does Extended Warranty Cover Transmission Related Issues? 

Yes, an extended powertrain warranty covers a host of issues starting from transmission, engine, gaskets, transfer case, axles, seals, to drive shafts. 

Key Takeaway
An extended car warranty is a better choice than its original counterpart is. You will have more options. With warranty coverage, you will not have to pay out of pocket ever again for repairs. All you should do is identify the best provider to enjoy the benefits. A-Protect Warranty Corporation offers various tailor-made extended car warranty plans that will suit all your needs.

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