J.C in Newmarket, Ontario

” Season’s Greetings!!! I got my warranty from your company last October. If I wouldn’t have your warranty, my Christmas savings box would have been empty. Good luck to all of A-Protect staff! Keep it up! “

Bryan in Mississauga, Ontario

” Extended Warranty rules after all! I was amazed that most of the repair expenses were covered. You guys are cool! Oh, and say “Hi” to Biana at the customer service. She is great. “

Linda in Oshawa, Ontario

” I got my warranty several months ago when I bought my car. I was about 200 kilometers from home when my car broke down. I called your customer service people and I was surprised by the fast and efficient service you provided for me. I had the roadside assistance option and you took care of my problem fast and pain free. Thank God I have your warranty! Thank you guys for everything. “

Ted in Newmarket, Ontario

” I told my son to buy a car warranty when he bought his car but he didn’t want to. Guess what he told me today? His car broke down at an intersection and your people towed him within minutes. Thank you for proving me right! “

Raj in Mississauga, Ontario

” What I like most is the Discount Program. Sometimes just finding a good service company is hard. Your plan cuts down the search and I feel safe knowing I’m receiving quality care. “

Kelly in Markham, Ontario

” Well it happened, my first car breakdown on my first car. I never realized how expensive it could be to get a car fixed. I didn’t even know which garage was the best place to take it. Thank you for giving me good options. The car is fixed and I’m driving it again. “

Marcy in Toronto, Ontario

” I know nothing about cars, but I do know good service. When I described the problem, your people helped and made sure that the problem was taken care of. My car is back and running the same as before. “

Gertrude in York, Ontario

” Finally, a company that uses real people to answer their phones. Your rep was nice and quickly helped me. I got the repairs I needed and the service was excellent. “

Steve in Sarnia, Ontario

” Talk about good timing. This warranty paid for itself in less than three months. I know I’ll be renewing my car warranty when it expires. “

Nick in Toronto, Ontario

” I’m new to Canada and was amazed to see the service you offered when my co-worker’s car broke down. After that, I decided to get a car warranty. I’ve only used it once for a repair. Just paid the deductible and on my way. I’m very happy with the service. “