To new car owners, the word extended warranty might seem new and strange. Well, an extended warranty is a service contract purchased to extend the factory’s warranty on coverage of repairs and replacement of parts. Can be offered by the manufacturer, third-party provider, or a dealership. When purchasing a new car, it is common for the seller to offer an extended warranty, you can also get your used car an extended warranty too. An extended warrant will play a very crucial responsibility in ensuring your car is in top shape and condition. A well-maintained car guarantees increased lifespan for the car thus you can keep and use your car for a longer time.

A-Protect Warranty Corporation offers extended warranties for a consumer-friendly price. The extended warranties offered are very extensive and are a sure option in securing the well-being of your car. Check us out now for a free quote.

As much as extended warranties are helpful to the car, there will always be setbacks to entirely everything. Arguments will always spark up to derail the worthiness of an extended warranty. Some claims state that getting an extended warranty is a waste of your money. We all want to spend our hard-earned cash on something meaningful and worth it. An extended warranty does not waste your money in any way and here is why;


1.Saves you money.


Extended warranties save you a lot for repairs and replacements. On average one can spend up to $11,000 to fix the Engine gasket of a car As we know all cars depreciate in quality over time. Imagine you find yourself in such a position where your car really needs to fix but the expenses are too high. The repair cost will pose such a heavy burden on your financial ability. Sometimes the repair expenses could even surpass half the price of the car itself. If you are an individual living under a fixed budget then you are in for a rude shock. With an extended warranty, you will save a couple of bucks. For example, your transmission gets faulty, you will spend that much to get it done. With only a deductible of a maximum of $100, the fault which originally is over $1,000 will be fixed under the hands of an extended warranty provider.


  1. Peace of mind.


Disasters ring no bells. We always live in unpredictable moments where no one knows what happens next. Your car could fall victim to a breakdown at any time and anywhere. There is no bad feeling such as getting in trouble which requires urgent and emergency funds to clear it off. That is how cars breakdowns and failures happen. Your car engine could just get problematic in the middle of a road trip or so. Such a frustrating thing you never want to experience. Having an extended warranty is very beneficial in the sense that you seamlessly live with no stress with your car. Research has it that 90% of drivers lack the $500 emergency funds in their accounts. It is wise to have that sum of money saved to cater to emergency expenses. However, having an extended warranty will make enjoy a peaceful and soothing life. What are you waiting for? Hurry and get one.


3.Extended warranties come with extra benefits.


Having an extended warranty comes with extra benefits that you get to enjoy. You need to confirm with the provider and check whether their policies have extra benefits. Among the common benefits are;

Free towing- When your car jams up in the middle of nowhere, you can call for assistance and a towing team sent directly to your location to help you out.

Flat tire repair- Flat tires are very common. Extended warranty providers have set up a service that is to help customers in situations that need immediate repairs such as flat tires.

Free oil change-A-protect Warranty Corporation offers free oil change to its customers any time a customer needs one. What you do is submit for oil change then you are good to go.



Think of any other thing that wastes your money but excludes an extended warranty. From the information given by this article, it is clear that extended warranties are worth that money and never a waste in any way. Do not let your decision be interfered with by the fact that some claims state that extended warranties are a waste of money. You are putting your car at risk since without proper care and maintenance; your car won’t be in good form and shape. That can be achieved with the help of an extended warranty. We are an A+ accredited company by BBB rating and serve entire North America. Hit the dial at +1-866-660-6444(toll-free). You can also write to us via for a free quote.

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