When Is the Best Time to Purchase an Extended Warranty?

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In this article, we’re going to talk about the truth of factory warranties, an extended warranty for new and preowned cars, and the best time to purchase an extended car warranty.

The Truth About Factory Warranty

We all have this mindset that the factory warranty will only commence once you bought the car and take it out of the dealership, but it’s not entirely true. I mean it would make sense to us buyers that we get to enjoy the full coverage of the warranty when we seal the deal and get to drive off with our new car. 

But for everyone’s sake, it’s not usually the case. Depending on which car dealer you bought it from, the warranty begun once the car was parked in the dealership and not the actual date of your purchase. So you could have a brand new car but not get the full term for the factor warranty.  

Extended Car Warranty

The day you sealed the deal with your new car purchase was possibly the day you heard about an extended car warranty alongside other protection plans offered by your dealer. An extended car warranty Is a protection plan against expensive repairs and car part replacements. This way, you won’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket expenses in case of breakdowns.

Extended Warranty for Used Cars

There are only a small number of third-party providers that offer extended warranty for used cars. A-Protect Warranty is one of the few providers that will help you protect your preowned car from unexpected failures and wear and tear issues. 

The Best Time to Purchase an Extended Warranty

People have been on the fence as to when is the best time to purchase an extended warranty. This all depends on where you’re planning to buy the warranty plan, but you don’t have to immediately buy it right after you purchased your car. 

With car dealers, they will push you to buy the warranty as soon as possible. With third-party providers, they will allow you to buy it anytime. That being said, for new cars, we will recommend purchasing an extended car warranty just before your factory warranty expires. On the other hand, we will recommend purchasing an extended warranty for used cars as soon as possible since preowned vehicles are prone to breakdowns and wear and tear issues.

Benefits of Buying A-Protect Warranty

With A-Protect Warranty, you’ll able to choose from an extensive list of auto warranty plans from Powertrain plans to additional protection coverage from wear and tear issues to unlimited mileage.

1. One Deductible Per Visit

No matter how many repairs are given in one visit, you only need to pay one deductible per visit.

2. Simple Extended Warranty Claims

You won’t have to worry about the complicated claim filing process. All you need to do is call A-Protect Claims Centre and we’ll be able to help you hand in hand with the claims process.

3. 12-month warranty for repairs

What if you still experienced the same problem even after the repair? Well, with A-Protect Warranty, this won’t be a problem since we offer a 12-month warranty for repairs. So if the same problem arises, just inform us and have your car serviced again with an authorized repair station.

4. Direct Payments to Repair Stations 

Some third-party providers only have a reimbursement facility and they will require you to pay upfront for the repair bill. With A-Protect Warranty, we’ll be happy to pay for your repair bill you won’t have to spend anything.

5. Transferrable Warranty

Worrying that you might not be able to easily transfer your existing warranty when you sell your car? It’s a good thing A-Protect Warranty offers an easy-to-transfer extended car warranty. The best thing about having an extended car warranty with A-Protect is that the resale of your vehicle will increase.

Key Take-Away

The best time to purchase an extended car warranty is right before your factory warranty expires. To get the best out of your money, always shop around first before settling in an additional protection plan. To get your money’s worth, choose a provider that can tailor-fit the coverage for your vehicle. Get your free quote today, just visit A-Protect Warranty. 


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