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September to November is when fall begins in most Canadian places and is characterized by the orange color of trees and leaves and not forgetting the cool warm vibe. Fall is the time to do tons of activities, from outdoor activities such as hiking and traveling to various destinations. During fall, the land gets kissed by wonderful colors portrayed by the tree and leaves. The scene is usually so magnificent and thrilling that one can think of it as paradise. It is this time that many couples prefer to hit the road and get to various destinations in a cool and beautiful environment. A couple of pictures with the vast colorful fall background is just spectacular.

Here in Canada, there are tons of wonderful destinations to visit if you wish to experience and see the amazing fall scenic views. The red, orange, and yellow colors offer a great attraction to nature enthusiasts. From international tourists, families, and curious individuals who love nature adventures. The thrilling fall scenic view conquers from the west coast of the British Columbus to the mountainous and fjords of Newfoundland. With all that vast space full of amazing and beautiful fall colors, you are sure to enjoy the view and soothe your brain. Here are amongst the top 10 best places to visit this fall in 2021 and have the best unforgettable scenic views ever.


1.Niagara Parkway, Ontario.


Winton Churchill once related driving through the Niagara parkway as the ‘’the world’s loveliest Sunday afternoon drive’’. That is true especially in the peak times of early October. The view is beyond beautiful and can be compared to walking through an art gallery passing by famous and perfectly crafted impressions. The booming lush and green grass all together with the gold, green and yellow trees is just paradise.


  1. Confederation trail, Prince Edward Island.


The many trails found in the forest of Prince Edward Island offer the best hiking experience ever. The maple trees within don’t disappoint when it comes to providing a colorful and beautiful background. During mid-September and early October, the vibrancy of the land gets more appealing and the region is one of the places with the longest fall foliage periods.


  1. Banff National Park.


The blend between the warmth of the region together with the vast array of colors make the Banff national park a top destination to visit and significantly experience the fall. The park has several trails from which you can use to move around and get the best views of the shouting yellow, orange, and red colors.


  1. Laurentian mountains.


The Laurentian mountain’s Golden birch trees and sugar maples trees offer another scenic and majestic view during fall. They burst into red, yellow, and orange colors which blend to bring out a thrilling and perfect view that is just satisfactory. Outdoor loves enjoy in such environment.

  1. Butchart garden, Victoria.


If a beautiful and scenic view can cure all kinds of problems we face then this would probably be the place to be. The Butchart Gardens are blessed with serene and spectacular maples and golden chrysanthemums which bring out the colorful look. Just a walk in the garden cures all your mental issues.


6.Algonquin Park, Ontario.


This is also another ideal destination this autumn fall if you wish to see the best scenic view here in Canada. The park is made of a dense forest and several rivers which can be canoed around to get the best pictures or views. The forest comprises maples, aspens, and tamaracks which all burst into colorful trees during fall.


  1. Cape Breton.


Driving through the roads of Cape Breton during autumn is usually breathtaking. You can be carried away by the colorful nature surrounding. With multiple walking trails and view lookout points, you are certain to enjoy and create memorable experiences.


  1. Gros Morne National Park.


The place is always considered the best to visit all year round. However, during autumn fall, the place turns into some sort of paradise. The view changes to magical. Visiting the park should be on your to-do list this autumn.


  1. Agawa Canyon, Ontario.


The grand AGAWA Canyon is one of the iconic places to visit this autumn. With aid of a sightseeing train, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. The train meanders through the North Ontario side where you are met with a magnificent view of the rivers, lakes, and the ultimate Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park. A stop at this place is always the best moment. Sneaky trails offer the best views.


  1. Okanagan Valley.


The pleasant warm and cool temperatures during fall make this place the best to visit during autumn fall. If you are a wine lover then this is the right place to be during October. The Fall Okanagan wine festival takes place at that time.




If you were having trouble finding the best destination to chill and have the best scenic view this fall then look no further. The above destinations are arguably the best in Canada with a visit to them guarantying satisfaction and fun.


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