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Japan is home to the leading automakers in the globe boosting giant companies such as Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Honda, and Suzuki. There is absolutely nowhere you will set foot on earth and fail to see a Japanese car cruising down a street. The country has been a huge producer of automobiles globally since the early 50s when the automobile sector become well recognized by people. Advanced enginuity, technology, availability of raw material, and hard work are the key factors to Japan’s success when it comes to the productions of automobiles. Cars produced in Japan sell thr4ough the entire globe and the high demand since the 2,000s for Japans used cars has increased Japans export by a great margin. If you dream of purchasing a car in then Japan should amongst your list of potential providers. You can either choose to buy a new car or a used one depending on how much you have. Currently, Japan exports mostly used cars than the new ones. The demand for used cars has grown tremendously over the years leading to an increase in the export rate. A car: be it used or new is never immune to damage and breakdown. All machines are destined to damage and problems. It is up to you to choose either to use your car without an extended warranty or purchase one. An extended warranty is very important to your car and your wallet since it caters to repair and damage your car may get involved in. This means that you won’t be required to use your own wallet money to meet repair costs. Leave to an extended warranty. We are here for you as A-Protect Warranty Corporation to provide affordable and extensive extended warranties. Keep reading!

The good side of Japanese cars.

1.Japanese cars are cheaper.

Compared to other automakers from different countries, Japan produces cars that are relatively cheaper in terms of price. This fact supported by various reasons amongst them being; High production rate- Japan has a 24-hour economy which implies that the economy never comes to a standstill. Work is always going on through meaning that the productions of newer cars are non-stop. This thereby brings about more cars being produced more than they are actual demanded by the citizens of Japan. Car dealerships and companies take this opportunity to sell these cars to the outside world. Japan’s advanced public system- japan is currently amongst the best countries for transport. The country is linked together by a vast network of good roads, high speed electric trains, and cable cars which eases up movement from one place to another. Most people prefer using the public means of transport than using your own cars. Previous car owners sell their cars to car dealerships who then export them to potential buyers.

2.Produces cars that are reliable and easy to maintain.

Japan poses a great threat to its rival by the quality of its products. One mega example of a pacesetter in Japanese automobiles is Toyota. The company incorporates quality skills and material in the production of these models which meet the client’s satisfaction. Maintaining these cars is also cheaper with most of the spare parts being available in the market. Throughout the whole of Africa, Toyota is the king of the road. The car is made to endure the hard terrain and bad road conditions making them very reliable.

The bad side of Japanese cars.

1.Less interior space

You may have come across a word such as ‘’econoboxes’’. Well, in case you are wondering what that is, it is definitely referring to Japanese cars. They are made in a way that only facilitates your movement from point A to point B. The interior is very tight and squeezed. Fall tall people, this will inhibit the comfortability you desire. Most Americans and Canadians in particular have that stereotypic idea that a car should have enough space and should be big enough. This belief impacts a lot on the decision of buyers wishing to get a car from Japan.

Ugly side.

1.The Takati airbag recall.

This is one thing that will never get off the minds of most drivers with Japanese cars. It recorded that over 100 million cars from Japan fitted with Takati airbags were affected. The airbags had a defect which caused metal fragments enter the car’s cabin one an accident occurred. More than 20 people were reported to have been killed from such fragments and offer 500 injured. 

  1. Rust.

Japanese cars are highly susceptible to rust more so that cars made in the 90s. The material that was used in making those cars was very weak thus could easily be eaten off by rust.


Japan is home to great companies which are very reputable and sell quality cars to the world. But there is nothing ever made by man that will be error-free. There will always be a good side and a bad and to some extent the worst or ugly fact of it. On top of that, cars will never seize being fault since they are prone to damage and breakdown. The pressure and stress from that car you own due to its constant problems should now be an issue of the past. We are here for you and your car. An extended warranty is the only remedy to having a peaceful experience with your Japanese car. Check us out and write to us through or call us via +1-866-660-6444.


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