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Oil is essential in providing lubrication to the internal parts of the engine. It is also responsible for cooling the engine. Heat is produced any time you ignite your car’s engine. It needs to be cooled down or else it may destroy the internal components. This calls for engine oil at all times. The lubrication property prevents the internal components from grinding against each other.

The use of oil began over ten thousand years ago with our forefathers and ancestors. It began by using oil from animal products to vegetables and plants. Later in the years to come, a big discovery was made. The black gold. By then, the automobile sector had started revolutionizing. The two world wars also contributed a lot to the advancement and that is when the focus on engine oil began. Car manufacturers specifically wanted something new for their products. From faster engine speeds to an increased bearing load. All that could only happen with oil that was thicker and heavier.

This led to introduction of the modified oil that we currently know as the ‘’synthetic oil’’. This article will weigh down on the pros and cons of this oil. However, never consider using your car without an extended warranty. It is meant to safeguard and secure your car from damages and expenses associated. Check us out at A-Protect Warranty Corporation. Keep reading!




Conventional oil reigned up to 1997 and this is when the newly engineered ‘’synthetic’’ oil began to influence driver’s decisions. This type of oil is made from chemical compounds with similar molecules enhanced to produce less friction and more lubrication. This makes your car run more efficiently and perfectly. The stability and handling of the car become good compared to using the conventional one. Below are some of the pros or rather the advantages of using synthetic oil.


  1. Fewer impurities.


A running engine always picks up dirt particles and tiny metal fragments due to the constant running of the internal parts. This small debris and fragments might not seem to harm your car. However, the likelihood of something catastrophic happening to your engine is very high. These particles affect the normal functioning of the engine and reduce its life. Frequent breakdowns begin and are usually very expensive to manage. Unlike using conventional oil, the synthetic one is always thinner and has its molecules altered. This means that it cannot carry with it impurities over time.


  1. Has less friction.


The internal parts of an engine always grind against each other every time you hit the road. This generates a lot of friction between these parts and therefore leads to constant breakdown. Synthetic oil is always made with precision and extra engineering to provide enough lubrication to the grinding parts. Reduced friction means that your car’s engine will not get exposed to the risk of damage.


  1. They do well in extreme temperatures.


The raw material behind the structure of an engine is metal. The mechanism involved inside the engine generates a lot of heat which needs to be cooled down by the oil. The ordinary conventional oil doesn’t do well in extreme hot temperatures. They depreciate faster and tend to evaporate. The science in a synthetic oil is something out of the ordinary. It is made to withstand scorching temperatures generated by the engine hence providing extra protection.




  1. Costly.


Despite this kind of oil being very efficient and reliable, you need to spend a couple of bucks than normal to get it off the shelf. This is because of the hard work and quality all blended to produce something extraordinary. You do not expect it to something pocket friendly. But as we all know, cheap is expensive. Opting to buy conventional oil also comes with consequences. Imagine after every 3,000 miles, you need to do an oil change. By the time you are doing the second oil change, a person using synthetic oil is thinking of doing one.


  1. 2. Can’t be used by old models.


Yes, the world is changing, we cannot do away with the old stuff for the new ones. Old is gold! The old models dating back in the 90s can’t use the new product in town. This is because their oil systems still use deposits as sealing. The purpose of the new synthetic oil is to clean the deposits. This will lead to leaks that make your engine exposed to dirt and debris affect its normal functioning.




We need to give credit to the guys behind the invention of this great product. Synthetic oil is something else you really must try with your car. However, be sure to use the above information before getting one. It has advantages and disadvantages that you now know. Your car’s engine life matters a lot. It is why we are here as A-Protect Warranty Corporation. We offer amazing extended warranty deals you don’t want to miss. The life of your car is our topmost priority. Feel free and give us a call at +1-866-660-6444. You may choose to write an email at


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