The five best navigation apps for drivers

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A lot has changed in the landscape of cartography. No longer do we need to carefully unfold the endless pages of our parents’ confusing roadmaps to figure out how to get to our destination. Now we depend on technology to carefully direct us to just about anywhere we need to go. Digital navigation services have taken the guesswork out of following directions. As more and more navigation apps enter the market and vie for our attention, how do we know which ones are the best ones for us? No problem:

Here’s A-Protect’s guide to the five best digital navigation services available. You can access all of these apps for free and from any digital device. We’ve selected each for a different purpose – from best app for avoiding traffic to the best one for road trips. Each of these apps offers something unique to the landscape of cellular navigation and are definitely worth your time:


1. Waze

Waze was a game changer for navigation. The small Israeli tech company was able to design a system that predicts upcoming traffic details and then adjusts your route to systematically avoid it. Waze manages, mostly successfully, to pull off something that the Google Maps system never could –it’s why millions of users depend on Waze to direct them to work, on time, every morning. Last year Google purchased the app, so hopefully we’ll be seeing a better traffic system through Google Maps in the near future. This would be especially useful for the Uber system, which depends on the Google Maps database.


2. Google Maps

Google Maps is unavoidable. It’s the world’s most detailed database and it’s used as the basis for countless apps, websites and car navigation services. Google Maps has the advantage of detail: it knows just about everything about your environment and your routines. Google has developed the most user-friendly navigation service, making it easy to use on any device. Google Maps interacts seamlessly with the other Google services, such as Google My Business, to promote local businesses. Just about everybody depends on Google Maps, so hopefully it puts the Waze technology to full advantage sooner than later.


3. CoPilot

ALK Technologies has developed CoPilot, a free and innovative new navigation app that users are flocking to for one key feature: downloadable maps. This app allows users to view maps offline, in case there’s a lack of service – which happens whenever you can least afford it. While CoPilot lacks a number of other important features utilized by Google and Waze, it’s ability to act as an analog maps application makes it unique and valuable.


4. inRoute

One of the best unique features of inRoute is the ability to allow time in between stops during a longer trip. This takes into account road trips or trips with more than one destination. These features are still currently lacking on Google, making inRoute an invaluable member to your iPhone’s navigation folder. inRoute also carefully updates you with upcoming weather conditions, elevation statuses and other interesting features unique to this free app.


5. Apple Maps

Apple products are sort of inescapable. While their maps feature has been receiving a lot of negative press, it still offers something better than any other digital navigation system on the market: a complete interconnection with all Apple products. Once the app figures things out and becomes more user-friendly, it will generate more users, since it’s already in the pocket of everyone who owns an iPhone. It’s ready to use on all Macbooks and iPads, making it a very convenient option for Apple users everywhere, although it could still use another unique trait to keep it a competitive option in the app marketplace.

Was there an innovative new navigation application that didn’t make our list? Let us know on Facebook and we’ll include it in an update!

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