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It is now over a year since the worst pandemic to ever occur in the universe took charge and is currently still ravaging many parts of the world. From minor report cases, the disease spread like wildfire and conquered the entire world. The pandemic hit almost every sector from trade, transport, manufacturing, and entertainment. Measures were put in place to curb the spread of the virus including; curfews and lockdowns. The lockdowns were harsher and meant to stop the further transfer of the virus from one region to another. Movement from one place to another was restricted only to those offering essential services. People were urged to work from home.

This meant that those who used to drive to work had to now park their cars and stay at home. Up to now, there are some places where that measure is still in place due to the high rising cases and coming up of new variants. Parking your car now that it’s not in use doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of it. This is the time your car needs extra care and protection. Failure to do so will make the car stall and completely damaged. There are some measures you need to put in place to protect your car and avoid unnecessary expenses related to repair.

A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here for you during this hard time. We offer extended warranties which are very important for your car. What an extended warranty does is protect you against damages that may arise as a result of parking your car for long without use.


  1. Check on your battery.


A car’s battery is one of the most vital parts in a car that is prone to damage due to a long period of inactivity. The internal parts of a battery are made up of cells that are responsible for storing current. A long time of no use makes them stall since they need regular current to flow in and out to be functional. The external parts which are the terminals are also prone to getting rust. Rust is formed as a result of air and moisture forms on the terminal which then damages the battery completely. The remedy to that is to remove the battery and store it in a cool and dry place if you intend to park your car for long. Alternatively, you can turn on the ignitions of your car and keep the engine running for at least thirty minutes. This will keep your battery in good form.


  1. Fill up the fuel tank.


An empty fuel tank or a low-level one is a risk for your car especially if you pack your car for a long time without use. An empty tank gets corroded over time and the low fuel in it deteriorates in quality due to inactivity. It is wise to make sure your tank is full all through and get a fuel stabilizer that can add life to your fuel.


  1. Regularly clean your car in and out.


 A clean car has fewer chances of getting corrosions or being affected by fungus or bacteria. Corrosion is one of the major issues affecting cars that are parked for a long time. It is formed especially to parts that are not painted like the bottom of the car. The internal parts such as the seat and dashboard now become a harboring place for bacteria and bugs. Rodents also find a good spot for hibernating. Make sure you clean your car thoroughly at least twice after every fortnight.


4.Checkup with the car tires.


Tires are amongst the parts which get affected most by parking a car for long without use. They deflate over time due to the standstill of the car and develop cracks. If the car is left in such a condition for a long time, the structure of the tire will be completely damaged. The tire will also get torn out completely and be rendered useless. It is important to keep all your tire well inflated and pressure should be at the required amount. You may even decide to jack up the car if necessary. Do frequent drives to keep your car’s tires in form. Do not forget about getting n extended warranty. We have a great team of servicemen at our selected service centers ready for your call.




Covid 19 is here with us and we must learn to live it. We all need to take care of ourselves and those we love. This however does not exclude our lovely assets. Cars! We need to put in the above measure to protect the well-being of our cars too. No matter how hard things get, A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to stand with. Our extended warranties are what you need to safeguard and secure your car against expensive damages. You won’t need to get out a penny to fix any repair expenses. We are a phone call away, +1-866-660-6444 is our toll-free number. Use in case you want to write to us.


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