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A car engine simulates what happens in a human heart. The engine has a fluid that constantly flows through its components to provide lubrication and cooling. The oil’s life however depreciates after a certain period and this happens comes in after running the car for a certain amount of kilometers. When the vehicle is driven past the date due for an oil change, the engine will start generating issues since the functionality of the oil is reduced.

This article will first give you a brief introduction about different types of oil, how oil functions, and how many kilometers you will drive before a change. But first, you need to get yourself an extended warranty if you don’t. Check out Carchex for more.


Types of oil.


Two types of oil are used in an engine, these are;

  • Conventional oil- This is a standard oil that is used mostly by a car dealership to top up the cars before sell. They are cheap and tend to last a bit longer.
  • Synthetic oil- This oil uses additives that are added to improve its functions. This type of oil is very expensive compared to conventional ones due to the additives added. It lasts longer than the conventional one.


How the oil works.


Engine oil plays a primary role which is to lubricate. The oil is usually pumped through the engine at very high pressure leaving behind thin layers of slippery film of oil on the internal engine parts. This creates smooth effects between engine components thus minimizing friction. These processes repeat themselves over and over again and after a certain duration, the slipper effects reduce making the oil less effective.


Warning signs for a required oil change.


There are always warning signs which one will see that show the engine oil needs to be changed. These are seen after driving for a certain amount of kilometers. They are;

  • Burning oil smell-If you smell a burnt-like smell inside your car then that is a significant sign that there is either a leak or the oil needs to be changed.
  • Dashboard warning- The oil of a car needs to be changed when a signal of the dashboard check engine pops up. When you come across that notification, change the oil as fast as possible to avoid further damage to the engine.
  • Disrupting noise from the engine- The ‘’slippery’’ property of an engine oil depreciates, the internal components of an engine start grinding against each other. This produces a knocking sound which many find ‘’annoying’’.
  • Color change-Engine oil turns black over a certain period of use as it collects dirt and debris. Make it a habit of checking the color of the oil and be sure of when to change it.

It is usually required to change the oil after running a car for about 5,000 kilometers. However, technology has come in and strengthened the period of engine oil where a car can even run for up to 25,000 kilometers before getting a chance. There have been improvements in the oil making it work for a longer period.


Cause for a frequent oil change.


Some factors rather affect the duration which a car should run before getting an oil change. As we know, cars generally run for up to 5,000 kilometers before getting a chance. However, this can be affected and the duration can be reduced to a shorter period.

These factors include;

  • Driving off-road more often- Off-road driving will reduce the life of your engine oil as the engine works extra hard than on a normal road. This leads to a constant flow of the oil in the engine faster than normal to avoid friction. The ‘’slippery’’ effects won’t last hence your car won’t also run for a long period without the need for a change.
  • Constant traveling- Hitting the road more often requires a much frequent engine oil change since the engine is at work. Most guys who are into road trips will agree.
  • Hauling heavy equipment- Heavy equipment poses a threat to the life of the engine since it strains the engine. The engine works extra hard hence using oil at a much faster rate than normal.




Engine oil weakens up with time and as from the above points, this weakening can be triggered by various factors. A car that is used normally will run for a period of up to 5,000 kilometers before getting an oil change while that is used for much hefty work and in bad environments won’t last that long. Failure to get an oil change leads to serious damage to the internal components of the engine. As we know engine repairs are usually very expensive. Avoid all this drama by regularly checking up on your car’s engine oil. Getting an extended warranty for the car will also be of help.

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