How extended car warranty can protect you from unexpected expenses

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A lot of questions have been on the rise about extended car warranty and if getting one is worth it. Some individuals insist that they can take care of their cars without getting an extended car warranty. While this may be true, what happens when an unexpected accident occurs? Will you have enough money to pay for damages incurred on your car?

At the end of the day, the only purpose of extended car warranties is to keep your car running in perfect condition no matter the damage. The wonderful thing about it is that you only get to pay a small deductible compared to the amount of coverage you get.

The billion dollar question should be “what happens when my car breaks down?” “how do I cover all expenses?”. With an extended car warranty, you’re in for worry-free driving.

Moving forward, an extended car warranty is an extra insurance policy for your vehicle different from the original factory insurance it comes with. It covers expenses for damages incurred on your car for the agreed period and miles of your choice.

Many car owners choose to buy an extended warranty with premium coverage and at an affordable rate from a trusted third-party provider like A-protect Warranty Corporation.

Here, we discuss extended car warranties and how it can protect you from sudden expenses.

What does an extended car warranty cover for both new and old cars?

We give our customers the option of choosing their preferred extended car warranty plan. The amount of coverage you get depends on the type of warranty plan you decide to go for. Nevertheless, they’re all still great plans with a great deal of coverage.

Whether your car is new or used, getting an extended car warranty has a vital role to play. Owners of new vehicles may still enjoy the factory warranty for a while before it expires, but this may not be the same case for owners of used cars. And this is why it is advisable to buy a used car along with an extended warranty to safeguard your pocket from expenses.

Basically, extended car warranty plans cover all vehicle repairs for your car. It’s no longer news that your car would experience a breakdown at some point, no matter how careful you may be.

An extended car warranty would assist you in paying for all repairs and replacement of any components covered under your chosen extended warranty plan which includes

  • Engine – we cover all engine components; fuel pipes, fuel injectors, thermostat, timing belt, starter monitor relay, etc.
  • Brake system – all braking system components like cylinders, pipes and hoses, relays, stop light switch, etc. Are covered in our extended car warranty plans.
  • Electrical components – all electrical components are taken care of; such as control units, switches, motor clusters, etc
  • Heating and cooling system – all vehicle components damaged relating to heating and cooling system are all covered for.

At A-protect Warranty Corporation, we will cover expenses for replacements of all mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle that may be affected. With this, you don’t have to pay any form of fee or off-pocket expenses to repair your car. You also get the added advantage of getting car replacement parks straight from the manufacturer. We also offer towing benefits to our customers that may have experienced a sudden break down on the road, all covered for in our extended warranty plan. However, do make sure this is covered in the extended warranty plan you choose to buy.

In addition to the great coverage offered by A-protect warranty, we also make sure your cars are in safe hands by sending them to authorized auto shops and not just anywhere. Getting the right extended warranty for your car is important for you and the safety of your car. A-protect warranty offers several warranty options to choose from. To learn more about A-protect warranty options and find the best fit for your car, call 1-866-660-6444. The safety of your car is our #1 priority.


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