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Due to the advancement in technology in these modern times, We get weather updates and patterns earlier and in most cases prepare adequately enough. Well, with that earlier info of how to expect things, we always get ourselves ready and braced for it as the days close in one after the other. But then there is one thing we don’t give serious attention to and that is our cars. In most winter cases, cars don’t get the love and attention they deserve. They get exposed to the harsh and nasty ice and snow together with the sub-zero freezing temperatures. It is only at the end of the season when you realize how much suffering and damage your car has gone through.

In this case, your AUDI needs to be protected by all means from winter’s effects. Before getting into winter, make sure your car is snow-proofed to protect it from damages associated with snow and ice. Snow might not look dangerous to your AUDI but hell yeah! It is. Also, don’t forget about getting an extended warranty for your car. It plays a similar but more crucial role than the manufacturer warranty that comes with the car when new. Here is how to snow-proof your AUDI this winter.

Check with the tire tread.

Traction remains to be the most important factor all time during winter. Without it, you won’t move even an inch but rather skid or slide around or anywhere the road takes you. You need to make sure your AUDI tire treads are all in good form to handle the condition of the roads. You can do so by using an easy-to-find tool at your nearest store that is used to measure the tire tread. There is also a life hack of using a penny to get the right measurement though not that precise. Remember, winter tires remain to be a good option here. The all-condition tires that you decide to use won’t guarantee you maximum performance. Winter tires are specially designed to deal with snowy and icy roads which make them suitable.

Consider waxing your car.

The possibility of rust eating your AUDI might never linger in your brain during winter times. You are wrong! During winter, your car gets exposed to rust-promoting agents such as salts and dirt which are very harmful to your car. Waxing remains to be the only option that will protect your AUDI’s lower parts from getting damaged. The car body painting will also remain intact and protected from snow and ice which causes peeling off. Doing so will ensure that after-winter look remains shiny and appealing.

Park inside a garage or use a car cover when parking outdoors.

Parking your car in an exposed environment is very risky due to the exposure to snow and ice. These two can cause more than disaster to your car if parked outside for a very long time. The situation worsens especially if you have not winter-proofed your car using other ways. Rust to damages to the internal parts of the engine is only what you need to expect when you park your car in an open space. Ensure you purchase a car cover that is thick enough to cover the entire AUDI and at least shield it from harsh conditions. A garage is far much better. It provides the protection and serenity your AUDI needs.

Do away with foggy or burnt lights.

Visibility gets affected a lot during winter thus you need to drive while the lights are on. Foggy lights don’t bring out a brighter look but rather a faint one which to oncoming drivers can neither be seen too. In fact, how do you drive on a foggy day using foggy lights? The possibility of an accident is very high. This may also affect you as the driver. For instance, you hit an ice-filled pothole unknowingly and get stuck. The result is always something nasty. Burnt lights also need to be gotten rid off. Ensure you have new and working ones. As it is always with the law, it is a punishable offense to drive in a snowing condition without your lights on. Don’t be the culprit here!


No one wishes to have his/her majestic AUDI get ruined by nothing else but the weather. Yes, no one wishes, but things take a twist and your car becomes the victim. However, this only happens to the car owners who don’t take precautions. Snow-proofing before winter is very wise and surely saves you. Unexpected repairs expenses will be common if you opt not to. Don’t worry, A-protect Warranty Corporation got you covered. It is only a phone call away to get your AUDI covered. +1-866-660-6444 is our direct line. If you wish to write to us use and get yourself a free quote.


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Winter is here once again and we need to brace ourselves and prepare with all means so that everything remains fine. As it is always the norm, winter is often rough. Harsh weather conditions such as frequent snowing and cold temperatures pose a great threat to almost everything. From us humans to every other asset we own. Cars are the closest most cherished assets most people have. Because cars are very precious and fragile, we need to give extra care and protection to them at all times. Winter can worsen the state of your car within the shortest time possible if you don’t keep much care and protection into consideration.

The expenses and costs that come along with a problematic car can be frustrating and annoying. Your financial and mental well-being is always at stake with such kinds of cars since you will always be under pressure and stress of getting it fixed. You don’t wish to end up in such a nasty situation. That can only happen if you decide to ignore and opt not to prepare your car well for winter. 

Below are amongst the common ways to prepare and gear up your car for the forthcoming weather! 

Get the winter tires fixed.

Traction is the most important aspect which gets affected the most during winter. It is the grip of a tire onto a surface it is moving on. Icy roads are very common during winter and are one of the leading causes of accidents which may at times lead to death and serious injuries. Unlike the other common summer tires, winter tires are made special to enhance traction with the snow and icy roads which are usually hard to manoeuvre through. These tires are made out of a special material with a rigid design that provides smooth driving and handling. This coming winter, don’t forget that safety is the number one priority you need to consider for your car. One way of doing so is by getting rid of your normal tires and fix the winter specified ones.

Install winter wiper blades.

Another key remedy to ensuring that you have a smooth winter experience with your car is to get winter blades in place too. Vision and not only vision but clarity are vital as your drive through raining and snowy conditions. You need to install wiper blades that are strong enough to clear off the snow which falls and clogs your windshield barring you from seeing clearly.  Winter wipers are rigid and powerful to push off the heavy and thick snow or ice.  If they stay on the windshield for a long time,  They get rigid and becomes hard to clear using normal wiper blades. 

Have with you a winter survival kit.

A survival kit is essential to help you fit in any given situation without having difficulties. During winter, you need to get a survival kit that comprises many different types of equipment that are helpful when you are in a tough situation. Most guys ignore this part but when caught up in a rough situation, they end up wishing they had such kind of kit. Well, the kit comprises components such as; windshield snow brush, windshield extra fluid, flashlight, extra clothing, battery jumper cables, extra spare wheel and rim, shovel, traction mat, and emergency kit. All these are important and need to be in your car all time you hit the road.

Do a winter-ready maintenance check-up.

Make sure that before it starts snowing, your winter-ready check-up is ticked. A thorough and serious check-up needs to be conducted by a professional to ensure that your car is in tip-top shape come wintertime. You need to check on your cooling and heating system, brakes, lights, electrical and mechanical system (engine). By so doing, you will have a smooth transition in and out of winter with minimal to no problems


When winter comes, we all need to stay happy and enjoy all through as we do in other months of the year. Preparation for a happier and unforgettable winter season needs to start earlier. Cars preparation should not be forgotten too. Just put the above tips in use and get your car prepared well for this year’s winter. Do not forget about getting an extended warranty. It will help you any time you are met with unexpected expensive repair costs. Get in touch with us through email at or directly give us a call using +1-866-660-6444 and talk to our dedicated customer care team.


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Every car out here has a specific design, feature, and performance hence making every car model unique in its way. Getting a car be it new or old for a first-time owner is one hell of a task. Yes, it, might seem easy; walk into a car dealership and pick on your choice and drive off. That’s how most people think of when purchasing a car. In reality, things on the ground are usually different. There are dozens of factors that you need to be considered to guide you through getting a car that is right for you. Getting a car that fits you will first and foremost depend on your budget. Budget is the most important thing to factor out and this article will help you deal with matters concerning budget before getting a car.

An extended warranty is also important as you strive to get ownership of that dream car you desire. As it is the norm, cars are prone to damages and breakdowns. This means that we have to bear the costs associated with repairing and servicing a car. However, with an extended warranty, you are guaranteed maximum coverage of the parts covered in the warranty from the expenses that will come when these parts get damaged. This means that you won’t spend money from your wallet to meet the expenses. All that will be handled by an extended warranty. What are you waiting for, hurry! and check with us for more.


How to ensure you buy a car right under your budget.


1.Avoid add-ons while you purchase a car.


Those who have previously purchased cars can testify to the fact that ad-one mess up with the budget. Getting a car from a dealership is a little tricky since you get exploited by those attending to you. After getting into an agreement with the salesperson in charge concerning the price, you are directed to the finance office to clear off. Before reaching the office, in most cases, you get approached by another guy who introduces you to the extra add-ons. These include; paint protection plans, tire protection plans, warranties, insurances and so much more. Purchasing add-ons will in one way or another affect your budget. Make sure you have prior information of what the dealership is offering you before falling in for their words.


  1. Consider going for a cheaper car.


Our lifestyle affects our way of living so much. We always wish to have more and better of what we already have. Some first-time car owners always want to go big in their first car purchase. Going big simply means getting a car with extraordinary features and performance. That doesn’t come easy and cheap. One way of getting a car that is friendly to your budget is by going low and purchasing a cheaper car. It doesn’t have to be a new car, you may opt for a used car with low mileage and be guaranteed super functionality and reliability.


  1. Be honest about your needs.


Again, in this case, lifestyle matters. What urges you to get that car?. Do you need it for work, class, or just a super performing car for hitting the road for adventures? 

You need to be honest with your decisions before purchasing so that you can get a car that suits your needs. Also, evaluate the driving conditions within your area and get a car that fits the terrain. By doing so, you will save on your budget and go for a car that is exactly under your budget.


  1. Explore other options.


Those who lived in the pre-internet era had a rough time exploring other options before settling on their choices. However, in these modern days, the internet has made it easier to exploit options. This provides you with more information about other sellers within your price range. You may end up getting a car with a much cheaper price than the one offered by the other parties.




Cars are never equal. There are performance cars, race cars, and art cars. All these are always available to the market it different price tags. If you are the type of guy whole relies a lot on a budget before making a purchase then hope you find the article helpful. As you strive to get a car under your budget, don’t forget an extended warranty. You need it as it helps clear off expenses that are associated with repairs and services. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is the right place to get one. +1-866-660-6444 is our direct toll-free line to call. You can also write to us through


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Do you know that driving your car on either the highway or city roads affects the health of your car afterward?. How and where you drive your car contributes to the well-being of your car. We have different car types; high-performance cars, regular cars, and racing cars. All these cars are meant for specific purposes respectively. Where they need to be driven is also another factor. Since most car owners have regular or so to say normal cars, they can be used for any purpose or driven anywhere. They can be driven on highways, city and off-road too. Driving a car on any of those roads comes with its consequences.

While you are driving be it on the highway or city, you must make sure you have an extended warranty with you. A car will never be immune to damages or breakdowns. Whether you are driving on a muddy or rocky off-road, smooth highway road, or a pothole-filled city road, your car will develop issues and jam up. Are you ready to deal with frequent fixations and expenses that come along? You end up spending a lot on that and after a while, it all gets so much frustrating. You need an extended warranty which is an extension to the factory warranty. By so doing, all the unforeseen problems won’t be a thing to worry about.


Though highway driving has does not have a huge contribution to the health of your car for years to come. It one way or the other affects the wellbeing of your car. This does not necessarily mean that city driving is that harmful to your car. Driving habits on both of the two is a facto to look out for. Here is why highway driving to some extent affects the longevity of your car usage.


Highway driving does not affect the balance, stability, and handling of a car.


The suspension system is one very important part of a car. The stability, balancing, and smooth handling you get as you drive are all courtesy of the suspensions system. The system is made up of several parts including; Joints, arms, bars, tires, shock absorbers, springs, struts, bushings, and linkages. All these parts play a collective role and bring out the comfortability and smooth feel as you drive. The system increases the contact of the tires and the ground and absorbs any vibrations and shakes when you hit a bump or hole. Safety is guaranteed too with a suspension system that is working properly. Now, we all have to agree that city road are bumpy and filled with potholes. They pose a great threat to the functionality of a suspensions system. Frequent bumping and hitting potholes weaken the systems thus reducing stability, handling and the possibility of an accident are very high. This in general kills or rather reduces the car’s life. Highway roads on the other side are usually smooth with almost zero to no bumps and holes. Using such smooth roads has no negative impact on the suspension system unlike using city roads.


Highway driving increases break life.


 Safety in a car is essential and that is why all cars need to have a working and stable braking system. Your car’s brakes need to be sharp and effective all through. City roads demand a lot of braking. Frequent pedestrian crossing, stop lights, potholes and bumps, and many other factors increase braking frequency. Doing so over and over increases wear and tear in the braking system which over time completely stalls. Driving without good working brakes is risky to the lives of those driving and the car itself. Highway roads demand less braking since the roads are all clear with no stoplights, intersections, or crossing pedestrians. This, therefore, exposes your brakes to zero risks.

Highway driving stabilizes and boosts engine and transmission functionality.

Since the engine is always moving, highway driving ensures that the rpm speed remains constant and the engine relaxes. There is less engagement of gears in the transmission system too which is good too. This gives the engine and transmission a ‘’break’’. The battery also gets sufficient charge and the alternator too. This boosts the life and well-being of both transmission and engine.



From what is in the information above, it is clear that indeed highway driving is helpful to the car. However, it does not guarantee maximum car life and usage over a long time. You still have to maintain and take good care of your car. Get that oil change, rotate tires often, and follow a service schedule. An extended warranty needs to be in use. Come visit us at our main offices at 7250 Keele Street, Suite 421, Concord, Ontario, L4K 1Z8 for a deeper chat on extended warranties. We are just a phone call away. +1-866-660-6444 is our direct toll-free line. You can also write to us via


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The feeling felt when one drives off a car dealership in a brand new spotless car is usually magical and out of this world. For first-time car owners, the moment is usually unforgettable especially when you finally lay your hand on your dream car. At such a point, the car usually feels so new and strong with power making driving very swift and seamless. The engine is always silent running at super fast speed to provide momentum to the sleek and perfectly positions wheels. Hitting a pothole at such time feels like nothing thanks to the might strong suspension that is steady as a rock. The Interior is always sparkling and appealing with the seats being so comfy. Your brand new whip will drive and feel new for a couple of years then all of a sudden problems strike.

Engine noise and vibrations, poor acceleration, poor fuel economy, weak transmission, and loss of engine power have now become common. All these begin to happen after a given period. Frequent repairs and servicing become necessary or else you might end up losing your car to a rusty junkyard. At this time, driving your car changes from fun and happy experience into an irritating and frustrating feeling.

 This article will provide you with the top 5 reasons why your car doesn’t drive like it’s new. 


1.Poor servicing and maintenance routine.


A car is a big investment just like any other investment out there. You need to treat your car in the right manner so that you can drive it for a longer time possible in good form. Servicing is one way of showing love to your car. At least after every 3,000 miles, you are supposed to take your car to a professional serviceman so that it can be assessed and problems hard to notice get solved before things get worse. You are also advised to do a routine and frequent check-up at all times to make sure your car is in tip-top form. Do a quick walk around and check whether your tires are properly inflated or worn out, check with the car fluid levels and refill when empty or low, and tighten a few bolts and nuts here and there. By doing so, you will see an improvement or change in how driving your car feels like.


  1. Lack of insurance or warranty on a car.


Insurance and warranty are two major things a good driver should never miss. It is an offense to drive without insurance; you can be punished by law. Insurance is usually in place to help you out in case your car is involved in a disastrous event such as a fire or an accident. An insurer will cover the expenses associated. On the other hand, a warranty will cater for expenses that come as a result of unforeseen mechanical damages and expenses. When the part of a car that is warranted gets damaged, you will not be responsible for its repair. The warrantor will. Now, in an event where you have neither insurance nor a warranty, you will have to meet the entire burden. What if you are unable? Well, and then expect nothing but mayhem. Your car is destined not to drive as it was new.


  1. Bad driving habits.


 Bad driving habits are also a huge contributor to the well-being of your car. If you are a bad driver, then it’s automatic that your car will be prone to failure and damage. Driving habits such as hard starts and stops, driving on brakes, shifting reverse and drive without stopping and so much more are what is killing your car. Change and drive as a normal driver and be sure of a longer life of your car.


  1. Dashboard warning lights ignorance.


 Ignoring the dashboard warning light is another killer mistake you are exposing your car to. Cars have sensors and computer system which detect problems and notifies the driver through the dashboard. Choosing to ignore the warning signs is digging an early grave for your car. Always pay attention to any alert and get it fixed right away.


  1. Poor cleaning routine.


Cleanliness is basic to a car’s life and wellbeing. Dirt and rust are the common killers of cars. When you leave your car unattended in terms of cleanliness, dirt accumulates in the vitals parts and causes clogging and damages these parts. You are hereby required to wash your car at least twice a week so that no damages affects your car as a result of dirt.




The above information is the remedy that is there in place in case you feel like your car doesn’t drive like new. You need to put in use the above point and you will for sure see a positive change in your car’s behavior. An extended warranty will also play a crucial role. Getting one will say bye to stress associated with a problematic car. Having an extended warranty will always make your car drive like new. All damages and expenses will be taken care of. Get in touch with us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation and purchase one. For a free quote of what we offer, call us at +1-866-660-6444 or email us via


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Thinking of getting hold of that brand new car this coming 2022? Well, you need to reconsider your decision first before heading to the car dealership. A brand new car is what most new car owners desire and wish for. The shiny, scratch less and spotless picture of a car never leaves their minds. The feeling that comes the moment a dealership hands over the keys to the brand new car is always unforgettable. The silent and powerful roar of the engine with the first ignitions is always soothing. The quick and sharp brakes are always appealing not forgetting the fine and luxury rich interior. Plans and schedules are already in place coming next year for first-time car owners to get their dream cars or previous car owners to change to something else. A brand new cat is not the right option. 

Before getting to know why getting a brand new car is not an option come 2022, let’s first get to know about an extended car warranty. This is a warranty same as the factory warranty that comes when the car is still new. It works similarly to the factory warranty only that it is more extensive and reliable. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is the place to knock on doors and get your car secured with an extended warranty. Stress from constant and frequent repair expenses will be a thing of the past.

Here are the reasons why buying a new car is not a good option for 2022.


Predicted Low car inventory in 2022.


Covid 19 pandemic has been a pain in the ass for the past year since its beginning in 2020. Its effects have ravaged the world’s economy leaving no sector untouched. Car production has been hit hard in so many ways. First, car production companies have had to cut down on labor numbers thus affecting the rate of production. Availability of raw materials has been affected too with one of them being the current shortage of microchips. Microchips are a crucial element in a car since modern cars have a computer system installed which is very vital. The shortage of microchips has made most car production companies shut their operations down. This is expected to affect car production up to 2022 with the current delta variant of the Covid 19 affecting most microchip companies in Asia and here in the Americas. The low number of newly produces cars will be an issue to the global markets. New car buyers are in trouble this coming year. 

What remains an option is getting a used car. Used cars are booming in the market. Why get wait to get a brand new car come 2022 and yet you can have a used car that is good form now or then. Avoid all the frustration and disappointment and get a used car come 2022.


High MSRP prices come 2022.


Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is reported to have increased ever since the beginning of this global pandemic. The pandemic once again has all fingers to be pointed to because of its mess in almost all sectors. Car production is one of the many sectors affected by the pandemic. From labor shortage, low inventory, microchip scarcity, and low availability of raw materials. This has led to an increased rate in the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This means that the prices of cars are expected to skyrocket more come 2022. As we all know, the pandemic is still here with us, so we must expect rough times. To make things worse, car dealerships have now taken this opportunity to increase the prices of new cars. If you are thinking of getting a new car come 2022, better revisit your decision well and consider the current situation before regretting what you have done. 



 In general, 2022 is not the right time to get a brand new car. The current pandemic in place is arguably the main cause why getting a new car is not a good idea. The above points clearly show that come 2022, things are still going to be in turmoil. The option remaining is getting certified used cars. Yes! Used cars, this might not seem to be a good option but sure it is the only remedy. Currently, there is a surge in the prices of used cars, If you dream of getting one then do not think any further. Do it. A car extended warranty will need to come in handy too when you get yourself a car. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is the right provider you need to work with. Used cars come with an extended warranty that can be transferable to the next owner. Always ask if the car is warranted. Get in touch with us through email at or directly call us at +1-866-660-6444 for a free quote.


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As we all know, nothing happens without consequences. Winter is here and we are all ready to usher it in style. This does not put any stop to the fun activities since we humans want to pump up our adrenaline and enjoy. Snowballing, fat-tire biking, and ice bowling are amongst the activities that go down in winter. The road-tripping enthusiast will find it rough and unbearable since winter does not favor such fun. In winter times, the roads get filled with snow and get icy which makes it hard to drive. There are many different reasons why we need to drive less. This article is going to elaborate and give out more reasons as to why we need to drive less this winter.

Before winter comes, we need to prepare our cars to make them ready for the coming conditions. Snow, ice, fog, and raging storms are usually common. All these pose a great threat to the lives of cars since they come along with negative impacts. As we know cars are not immune to damage and breakdown. An extended car warranty will work best in such a condition. The fear of spending on unforeseen expenses will be a thing of the past. This is because the work of an extended warranty is to meet unexpected expenses that arise as a result of unforeseen calamities or problems. Driving less during winter will save you a lot and here are the top 10 reasons why;

  1. Poor visibility when snowing, raining, or fogging.

Driving in the winter season is usually very difficult. Seeing what’s next ahead of you or what is approaching is usually a problem. This is because the snow, rain, or fog that forms obscures the vision of the driver since its affects the clarity and sharpness of the eyes. This is very dangerous because you don’t see while driving and the results always come out nasty. Always drive while your lights are on if need arises

  1. Risk of rust infestation.

Frequent driving in cold and harsh environments poses a huge threat to the life of your car’s parts. The painting, body panel, and other metallic parts are usually exposed to rust. As the car moves, it collects with it snow and ice while containing salts, dirt, and other impurities which are agents of rust. It only takes several reactions for the master behind the car to decay to form. Rust! The parts beneath the car are always the first victims followed by other vulnerable ones. You need to wax and undercoat your car before winter begins and always park the car in a closed and cool space. A garage or any other place in that case.

  1. Extreme weather conditions.

Unlike summer, winter is never ‘’cool’’ in any way. At times, the weather boils up and gets out of control. You might experience a ravaging snowfall, endless rains, or enormous storms which can impact the environment in a negative way. A good example is when it extremely snows until the roads get filled and blocked.

  1. Icy roads.

This happens all time during the winter season.  ‘’Black ice’’ as it is known forms on the road making the surface slippery in nature. As you try to drive over, due to less traction with the roads, the car tires skid and slide on the roads. This can be dangerous.

  1. Possibility of getting stuck in the snow is high. (loss of traction)

Whether on AWD or not, at times getting through a thick layer of snow could be like a hard nut to crack. Imagine you are all alone by yourself and no aid around. That would be a disaster!

  1. Winter increases the car’s fuel economy.

During winter, there is always an increase in highway fuel consumption by a steady 1.3%. This means that you will need to spend an extra dime to get your machine moving.

  1. Electric car batteries get affected by the temperatures.

 Temperatures really matter when it comes to the battery’s ability to store the energy needed to push the car. Any significant drop in the temperatures means that you are in for a low battery alert.

  1. Vehicle malfunction is high.

Chances of fluid freeze or blowout are usually high with the super-free temperatures. The likelihood of your car breakdown is very high.

  1. Lack of emergency kit supplies.

 A shortage or lack of supplies in an emergency kit is very vital and needs to be acted up with immediate effect. Driving without the kit is like inviting disasters your way.

  1. Lack of adequate skills in winter driving.

Lack of confidence due to lack of winter driving skills is another reason why you need to drive less this winter. False confidence could lead you into a ditch or something.


 Despite all the harsh and rough things winter poses to drivers, it is still one of the best times to experience while driving. However, for the above reasons, you need to minimize driving. This is for your own safety and for those close to you. Well, this does not bar you from driving like before. You can boost your road confidence with an extended car warranty. Get in touch with our team for a free quote at or give us a call through the toll-free line+1-866-660-644.


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There is no good thing like living a stress-free life with zero fears associated with the well-being of your investment. Owning a car is one big investment and we all wish to secure our investments for the longest time possible. There are tons of ways to protect your car, but then only one way carries the day and that is getting an extended car warranty. Perhaps your car dealership where you got your brand new car never introduced you to an extended warranty. In most cases, they usually want to get you to purchase an extended warranty from them but fail to give you much information that can force you into buying it. 

When a car comes off the factory doors, it usually comes in handy with the factory’s warranty. This type of warranty covers repair expenses that arise from mechanical to electrical failures. However, its duration is usually short-lived since it does not last for long. Here is when an extended warranty comes in. It does what the original warranty did but in a much more advanced form. An extended warranty is something worth of trial and saves a lot when it comes to managing huge repair and service bills.

Now, this is the time you need to shake off the doubts in investing in an extended warranty and get it right away. Below are the reasons why you need to invest in an extended car warranty.

Boosts resale value.

It is the culture with many people who resale their stuff hoping to get most of their money back as possible. That only goes well with those that keep what they hope to resale in good shape and form. Cars in this case are assets whose value is enamours and if you wish to resale, you always want to get the cash that is almost equivalents to its value. All that will depend on one thing and that is the condition you keep your car in. An extended warranty helps you keep your car in tip-top shape hence when you finally decide to sell it off, you get a satisfactory return.

An extended warranty gives you peace of mind.

Peace of mind and relaxation brought about by an extended warranty is very soothing to the car owner. Imagine swiftly cruising the streets with no worry at all bearing in mind that all unforeseen breakdowns will be dealt with. The constant feeling of frustration and pressure from huge bills that comes from repair expenses will be long gone. An extended warranty surely helps a lot with the mental health and well-being of an individual. 

Freedom to take your car to any selected service center.

With an extended car warranty, you can take your car to any service center to get it fixed. This is an advantage over the factory warranty which only allows you to take your car to one dealer when your car breaks down.

Saves costs.

An extended warranty saves costs in many different ways. One of the ways is by meeting costs which when you decide to repair without the aid of an extended warranty, you might perhaps not be able to meet the bills. The drivetrain parts for instance are amongst the most expensive parts on a vehicle to repair. A deeper look into the restorations or replacement of the transmission for example could take up to a minimum of $1000. With an extended car warranty, you won’t spend even a single dime to cater to the expenses associated with the repair. Just leave it under the arms of the extended warranty provider. Again, if you live under a tight and fixed budget then you got a reason to smile!

Has additional benefits.

An extended car warranty does not just come plain as it is for the factory car warranty. It comes with benefits from which you can pick and enjoy. These benefits include; 24/7 roadside assistance, Car rental service, Towing service, and Reimbursement service. These are just but a few. You need to liaise with the provider and inquire whether there are extra benefits you get to enjoy before signing the contract.


An extended car warranty is just something of the ordinary. Its benefits and importance are worth and are definitely an investment you won’t regret;  From having peace of mind to the extra benefits and so much more goodies. Why miss all these and have yourself and the car go through miserable hardship. Come grab your package from us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation and secure your car and wallet. You get in touch with our loyal customer care team through for an online quote. Our direct toll-free line is +1-866-660-6444 if you wish to call.


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Leaving your car parked for long periods can be caused in several ways. Amongst them is working from home, biking to work, long vacations and plenty of other events which you use your car less frequently. In the past year, there has been a global pandemic that up to now still exists. Some measures were put in place to reduce or rather prevent much spreading of the virus. Working from home was the most effective way of reducing interaction among people to help curb the virus. This saw a great number of car owners leaving their cars parked for a very long time. Up to now, there are some countries out there where people are still urged to work from home. Yes, this helps prevent further advancement and infections but it has a very negative impact on your car. A lot can happen to your car event for only a week without use. What if you go beyond that? This article will help answer the question ‘’How does the long-term parking affect the well-being of your car.


1.Kills the car battery.


A battery is made up of cells and sulphuric acid which are responsible for storing current. After a certain period of no use or flow of current in and out, the battery begins to die. In hot weather, the liquid inside the battery evaporates at a faster rate leaving the cells dry. This poses a great threat to the cells since they are responsible for storing current. Rust also forms on the battery terminals which prevent the car from igniting. It is wise to at least turn on the car for 5 minutes so that the alternator can charge the battery. That is the only way to maintain the life of your battery. However, you can jumpstart your car when the battery fails to pick. The ultimate solution to a completely failed battery is to replace it.


  1. The cars get infested.


This is a common problem with the car that is parked for a long time. Infestation comes in many forms from plants to animals. During the winter, animals usually look for a good place to hibernate and keep cool from the harsh weather. Apart from our own house, rodents find cars well comfortable. They bore holes in the sits and other areas they find good. This tarnishes the interior look of the car and makes it less appealing. Molds and mildew are also other infestations for a car that is parked for a long period. When your car is parked in humid areas, there is a high chance of mold and mildew growth. These plants flourish in areas that are cold and humid. It is advisable to clean your car frequently or park in an enclosed environment that is humid-free.


  1. Damages tires.


Tires get affected when you park your car for long without use in many different ways. Since tires are subjected to the weight of the entire car, over time they deflate. Deflating means that the tires becomes flat and still get subjected to the weight. After a long period of being in that state, the tire begins to rot. If the tire is no rotten, it will develop a flat spot. The flat spots affect the tires and make them rigid to the ground. This makes steering and handling difficult. You are required to regularly check on your tires to ensure they are well inflated and note out any changes.


  1. Leaking and low-level car fluids.


Extended rest is very harmful to the car’s fluid and levels and this can happen in the following ways. The engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and gasoline are usually affected by the long rest. Gasoline gets affected when moisture enters inside the tank, it causes the tank to corrode. The liquid itself losses its chemical property and even evaporated when exposed to too much heat. The other fluid loses their chemical composition. Valves and pipes connecting and linking these fluids to various parts break off and the fluid begins leaking off. Always take your car to an expert. The serviceman should check all fluid systems to make sure everything is working correctly.




Long-term parking can help save costs such as fuel and so much more. However, that will only aid for a short period then the worst begins hitting you from every corner. From damaged tires, leaking car fluids, rust and paint peeling to complete car stalling is what awaits you if you decide to park your car for long. You can evade all that by still taking good care of your car at all times.

A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to help you out if you need any aid. All you need to do is to fill a repair claim and all mechanical repair expenses are taken care of by the company. All you need to do is fill the claim then you are good to go. What are you waiting for, give a call via +1-866-660-6444 or directly write to us through


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Almost every other car dealership offers you an extended warranty, immediately after you have exchanged money for that new or certified used car. You may fall for their words or not. Do not rush into signing a contract before getting to know more about extended warranties. When you get a new car, it comes with the factory’s warranty. The factory’s warranty plays a crucial role that is to cater for expenses associated with mechanical damages to the car. Most factory warranties do not last for long since they only have a short duration of use which is almost about 4-5 years. When the warranty expires, you are now responsible for expenses that come your way. Things will be tough for sure especially if you were dependant on the warranty.

An extended warranty is the remaining option. It plays an extended but much further role than the previous car maker’s warranty. It can be purchased from a dealership or a third party. Depending on your choice, you can get it from any of them. A-Protect Warranty Corporation should be a top priority on your list. We offer extensive and affordable extended warranties which are highly recommended for your car. Remember, no car will ever be immune to damages and breakdown whatsoever. You need to secure your car from frequent breakdowns and failures and your wallet from sinking all your savings to maintain a car. Unforeseen repairs and damages are very common in every car. This is the right time to secure your asset from them.


Types of extended warranties.


Extended warranties come in two types; those offered by the original car makers and those offered by third-party sellers. Original Car Maker’s warranty offered by the factory and Aftermarket warranty offered by the third party.


1.Original Car Maker’s Warranty.


This is the original warranty that comes with the car and is provided by the carmakers. This form of warranty is primarily meant to cover your car for a period of up to 5 years or 60,000 miles. In case you wish to resale your car, the warranty can be transferable to the next owner before its expiry is due. It excludes damages that are caused by other factors such as weather, accidents, and collisions. Just a tip, never buy a new car that lacks the original car maker warranty.


  1. Third-party extended warranty.


This is an extended warranty that is purchased from third-party dealers. They are purchased as a continuation or an extension to the original car warranty. Third-party dealers can be car dealerships or companies established with the key purpose of providing extended warranties. Just like the original car warranty, they only cover mechanical damages and not other factors that cause damages to a car.


Types of extended warranty coverage.


Extended warranties fall into two major levels; Bumper to Bumper and Powertrain. These two are subdivided into smaller plans depending on the specific parts you want the car covered.


Bumper to Bumper warranty.


This is coverage for parts that is to cover for parts of a car from the front bumper to the rear bumper with the inclusion of drive train parts. These parts include electronic components, audio and infotainment system, interior, exterior bodywork, suspension, steering system, fuel injection system, and other accessories in a car. It a comprehensive coverage that is highly recommended for your car. Under the Bumper to Bumper warranty, there is a variety of plans you can choose from depending on the duration you want. These plans range from the longest-serving ones to the least. We have the Platinum coverage plan that covers up to 10+ years to the Bronze coverage that covers up to 6 years.


Powertrain warranty.


It is a coverage level that covers parts that are involved in powering the wheel of a car. These parts are usually very vital and expensive. We have the car engine, transmission, crankshaft, camshaft, axle shafts, and exhaust and intake manifolds. This form of coverage is vital in ensuring your car is top-notch and in good shape. It is divided into smaller plans that vary depending on the duration of coverage. The highest being Titanium coverage and the least Bronze.




An extended warranty remains to be the best option and remedy to the stressful life that comes from unexpected repair expenses. Having an extended warranty solves all that and for sure you have peaceful coexistence and experience with your car. A from the above information, it is clear that extended warranties vary in terms of plan and coverage. Not all car extended warranties have the same equal plans. Depending on your financial ability, you can pick your desired plan and have your car covered. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to stand by your side as you endeavor to protect your asset. Get an extended warranty from us at an affordable and friendly price. We are just a phone call away. +1-866-660-6444 is our direct line. You can also talk to us through email at